More Taxes, Says GOP Senator

Rick Scott Says More Americans Should Pay Taxes

A Republican senator is doubling down on his demand for lower-income Americans to pay more taxes, a position that puts him at odds with the majority of his party and GOP supporters.

Following a new report by the Tax Policy Center that indicated the majority of citizens – 61 percent – paid no federal income taxes in 2021, Florida Senator Rick Scott proposed that more Americans put “skin in the game.”

Twitter Responds

After an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” Twitter users responded to Scott’s remarks:

“Instead of going after people who don’t pay taxes maybe this potato should be fighting to reduce government spending including the entitlements, and then lower taxes for everyone. The federal government was never intended to do the multi-democratic of stuff that it does. If any of it NEEDS to be done, it can be handled at the state level.”

“Why is controlling spending never seriously discussed? I get what he is doing, but intake doesn’t seem to be the problem.”

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“The Federal Acquisition Regulations and all their little peccadillos virtually guarantee that tax money will be spent incredibly wastefully. When Congress can work a full year and I get a dollar of value for every dollar I’m taxed then we can talk. Until then, I’m the best judge of where my money should go.”

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