DeSantis Tears Into Biden Over Defense Protection Act

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Joe Biden Chastised by Ron DeSantis Considering Using the Defense Production Act to Fund Electric Vehicles

Following allegations that the White House was planning an executive order to utilize the Defense Production Act to “bolster the manufacturing capacity of electric vehicle producers in particular,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lambasted Joe Biden and his administration on Sunday.

Before addressing the possible application of the act to make more electric vehicles, the GOP governor remarked that Biden had been “begging for oil from tyrants” in a Twitter message.

‘Begging for Oil from Dictators’

“After begging for oil from dictators, Biden is now using emergency war powers to produce batteries for the 1% that drive electric cars. Most Americans suffering due to high gas prices don’t have the luxury of spending $50k+ on an electric car. Unleash American energy today!” DeSantis tweeted.

DeSantis, a potential front runner for 2024 – or a running mate for Donald Trump – has not shied away from publicly criticizing Biden.

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