Psaki Explodes At Criticism Of Biden’s Statement

When asked about Biden’s comparisons of political opponents to traitors and segregationists, Psaki erupts

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When questioned about Joe Biden equating his political opponents to traitors and segregationists on Wednesday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was obviously irritated.

In response to a reporter’s question about Biden’s comments resembling those made by President Trump, Psaki erupted.

“I think that anyone would note that there’s a night-and-day difference between fomenting an insurrection based on lies totally debunked by 80 judges, including Trump-appointed ones, and election authorities across the country and making objective, true statements, which is what the president made yesterday about the effects of a nationwide, coordinated effort to undermine the Constitutional right to vote,” she said.

Defending Her Boss

Psaki continued angrily, “I know there has been a lot of claim of the offensive nature of the speech yesterday, which is hilarious on many levels given how many sat silently over the past four years for the former president. But I would note that in our view and the president’s view what is far more offensive is the effort to suppress people’s basic right to exercise who they want to support and who they want to elect.”

Rebecca Horvath
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