Where Are You, Kamala Harris?

In the midst of her alleged feud with Joe Biden, Fox News hosts discuss Kamala Harris’s decision to remain out of the spotlight.

Many people are asking where Kamala Harris is amid the Biden administration’s difficulties and controversies.

The anchors of Fox News’ “The Five” speculated about Harris’ whereabouts during her apparent absence. 

Why the Feud, Guys? 

One popular theory suggests that Harris was used only to get votes from women and minorities and is now useless to the Biden regime. 

Greg Gutfield had a different take, saying, “They’re just waiting for the right time to break the glass and take her out. We really don’t know how bad she is but Democrats are going to assume it can’t be any worse than this.”

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Unfortunately for her, Harris is even more unpopular than her boss. Recent polling revealed 57 percent of likely voters have an unfavorable view of her. Though Biden’s polling is only marginally better, his distance from her may be partly strategic. 

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