Voter Fraud, Arrests In Key Swing State

In the Florida community known as The Villages, investigators have discovered more possible proof of stolen ballots.

Residents of Retirement Community Voted Twice

Lake County has sent six more potential instances to state prosecutors for additional examination, while Osceola County has identified seven potentially problematic ballots.

So far, three residents of the retirement community have been charged. While it is legal to be registered to vote in more than one state – and many part-time Florida residents are – it is illegal to actually cast a ballot in more than one state.

Zero Tolerance

“You commit fraud in the state of Florida, and we will do everything possible to catch and charge you,” Florida Supervisors of Elections’ Association President Wesley Wilcox said. “One of the benefits of charging these people is it’s a deterrent. It may take me a year to catch you, but I will catch you.”

President Donald Trump won Florida handily and the fraudulent votes would not have changed that, but state officials are keen to deter any fraud in their state.

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