Republicans Bring Lawsuit Against Pelosi’s Tyrannical Mask Fines

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Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and his Republican colleagues have filed a lawsuit against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Tyrant, Hypocrite

The lawmakers called Pelosi “a tyrant and a hypocrite” over her mask mandates in Congress.

Massie discussed the case during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” accusing Pelosi of breaching the Constitution by fining members of Congress who do not wear a mask within the US Capitol.

Rules for Thee But Not for Me

“She has deducted money directly from our salary, which is in blatant violation of the Constitution. Now, I know a lot of people aren’t sympathetic to congressmen having their salaries cut, but whatever she could do to us, she will do to the general public. And that’s what I realized this summer when 10 of us went down to the floor and blatantly and openly violated the mask rule,” Massie said.

Pelosi herself has appeared in public without a mask numerous times, even in places where a mandate is in place.

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Rebecca Horvath

Rebecca Horvath

Rebecca Horvath is an editor and writer for NRN. For nearly a decade, Horvath wrote a regular Community Voices column for the Johnson City Press, where she was known to ruffle a few feathers. In 2018, she began writing for the National Federation of Republican Women, interviewing and profiling candidates such as Sen. Martha McSally and Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith. Horvath also contributes to

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