Pelosi Called ‘A Tyrant And A Hypocrite’ By Massie, Republicans Who File Lawsuit

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and several Republicans have filed a lawsuit against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the mask mandates in Congress.

Massie discussed the case during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” accusing Pelosi of breaching the Constitution by fining members of Congress who do not wear a mask within the US Capitol.

“Nancy Pelosi is not just a tyrant, she’s a hypocrite. And she has one set ofrules for herself and another set of rules for everybody else in the House,” Massie began.

Republicans sued Pelosi over House proxy voting this summer.

The lawsuit was filed by Republicans to overturn Pelosi’s proxy voting system, which was created by the House to allow for remote legislating due to the coronavirus.

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Pelosi has given legislators the option of voting on bills in person or by proxy during the pandemic, which means they don’t have to be physically present in the Capitol if they choose another politician to vote on their behalf.

Several Republican members of Congress have spoken out against the use of proxy voting.

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