New Yorkers Cheer For Brandon On Live TV

Joe Biden is doing such a poor job that even New Yorkers are fed up.

People in Times Square during a live Fox News broadcast yelled, “F*** Joe Biden!”

Pedestrians could be heard chanting the off-color insult during a live Fox News program as network contributor David Lee Miller provided an update on Broadway’s decision to close in the light of growing COVID-19 cases.

Video Captured Incident

“Passersby drop the f-bomb directed at Joe Biden while walking through a Fox News interview on the street in New York City,” according to a Twitter post from Townhall. The post included a clip of the incident.

While New Yorkers are not known for mincing words, they’re also not known for insulting Democrat leaders.

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Despite heavy restrictions and vaccine requirements, surging case counts have prompted cancellation of numerous shows on the Great White Way and other changes throughout the Big Apple.

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