Kamala Harris Insists She Really Isn’t As Useless As She Seems

Kamala Harris has been such a disaster as vice president that even Old Joe Biden, whose year as president has hardly been Lincolnesque, wants to dissociate himself from her so much that he got Jill to switch places with him at Bob Dole’s funeral so that he wouldn’t have to be standing next to his cackling successor-in-waiting. But the vice president, like all Democrat politicians, has her own gaggle of establishment media sycophants. On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle published a lengthy puff piece about the embattled president of the Senate, explaining to us that despite all appearances, Kamala Harris really is totally awesome and has perfectly reasonable explanations for all her catastrophic failures. Of course! We should have known.

According to the Chronicle, much of Harris’ problem comes from the big bad media, which, as you know, is relentlessly hostile to any far-Left politician such as the veep. The media, we’re told, tends to “focus on the frivolous over the substantive during her first year in office.” Yeah, sure, and the Chronicle would also give us a very nice price on the Golden Gate Bridge. Nevertheless, the Democrat propaganda organ did admit that Harris is “trying to navigate a range of scrutiny about how she’s handled the job, recent high-profile staff departures and her ability to balance supporting President Biden unfailingly even as speculation swirls about her own political future.”

Speculation about Harris’ future? That’s a notable admission. PJ Media’s own Matt Margolis reported a month ago that a high-level resignation could be coming, and that Harris may be in the process of being forced out as vice president. Is Hillary Clinton’s recent reappearance her application for the job? Is the Chronicle’s love letter to Harris an attempt to help her keep her job and be there when Old Joe simply can’t continue pretending to be president? Harris has been dealt a tough hand, or so the Chronicle would have us believe: “there was no honeymoon to build her office or find her footing, as the administration took over amid the raging pandemic in the days after the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.”

Reading Leftist propaganda is like looking in a funhouse mirror. There was actually no insurrection, with no one even charged with that offense, and for the establishment media, every day of a Democrat administration is a honeymoon, but the Chronicle has to account for the fact that Harris’ incompetence was on undeniable display from the beginning of her tenure as vice president. A telling incident in mid-November demonstrated Harris’ unsuitability to be either vice president or president: when asked about skyrocketing inflation rates, she answered sagely: “Prices have gone up. And families and individuals are dealing with the realities of that bread costs more, that gas costs more.” Yes, and water is wet, and birds fly.

But Harris insists that it is she who is given the tough jobs: “There is nothing about this job that is supposed to be easy. If something is coming to me, it’s because it needs to be addressed and because, by definition, it’s not going to be easy. If it was easy, it would have been handled before it comes to me.” The Chronicle presents this bit of self-justifying puffery with a straight face, but it does admit that “Harris has had missteps.” It notes that Biden asked her to handle the border crisis he had created and that she didn’t even bother to visit the crisis area. It even quotes her dismissing NBC’s Lester Holt’s question about why she wasn’t going to the border by snapping: “And I haven’t been to Europe, I don’t understand the point you’re making.”

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Harris has done at least one good thing: she “irritated the progressive left by urging migrants not to come to the U.S. during the trip to Central America, prompting the California Latino Legislative Caucus to issue a statement criticizing the message.” And above all, it’s all the media’s fault: the Chronicle tells us that Harris’ “aides and allies decry media coverage they see as overly focused on the trivial or manufactured scandals. Those defenders have gotten ammunition out of stories like a recent newsletter that analyzed her preference for wired headphones over Bluetooth, which poses a security risk.” And look! She has done her bit for the Left’s identity politics game: although several of her top staffers have recently resigned, “Harris has retained several longtime staffers, many of whom are women and people of color.” Not only that: she has also sounded the alarm about racist trees.

Oh, well, then! How could anyone dare to criticize her? Harris also makes a point of praising Old Joe and touting her role as one of his chief aides, saying: “He can’t do everything.” Indeed. The question at hand, however, is whether he can do anything. And can Kamala Harris do anything herself other than carry water for a far-Left agenda that is wreaking havoc upon the nation as she prepares to take the biggest identity politics prize of all, and become the first female president? The optics may be great. The establishment media will certainly be working hard to get us all excited about it. But the reality is likely to be as substanceless and inept as Harris’ stint as vice president.

This article by Robert Spencer originally appeared on JihadWatch.org and is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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