Biden Presidency ‘Effectively Over’

According to Steve Bannon, Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers indicate that his presidency is ‘effectively over.’

Bannon is a former strategist for Donald Trump’s White House. On his podcast, The War Room, Bannon shared poll numbers from the Wall Street Journal showing Biden’s approval rating at only 27%.

Feud With Harris?

Following allegations of a significant conflict between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, the White House has become even more chaotic. Rumors are rampant, including one suggesting Biden will replace Harris and appoint her to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bannon says the incredibly low poll numbers are an indication of a presidency at its end.

Unprecedented Low Numbers

“27% is unprecedented ladies and gentlemen. These are numbers that have not been seen before. This is worse than when Nixon was walking out to the helicopter. These are unprecedented numbers. Talk about killing the crib. Eviscerated. This administration is done. You can’t come back from numbers like this,” Bannon said.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?*

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