Today In History Spotlights Nov. 24, 1835, Texas Rangers are Formally Constituted

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Today’s History Spotlight

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The Texas Rangers are formally constituted. Originally adopted in 1823 as a force to protect settlers from Native renegades, the Rangers were initially composed of Anglos, Hispanics, and Native Americans. They later fought the Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution, and after that, some factions served the Confederacy during the Civil War.

One band – Terry’s Texas Rangers – saw action at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. T.R. Fehrenbach said this of the Rangers: “They were apart from the regular Army, the militia or national guard, and they were never a true police force. They were instead one of the most colorful, efficient, and deadly bands of irregular partisans on the side of law and order the world has seen.”

What Happened On This Day – November 24

  • 2012 Fire breaks out in a clothing factory in Dhaka. Over 110 people were killed and about 200 people were injured at the Tazreen Fashion factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The tragedy brought to light poor working conditions of workers who made export clothing in Bangladesh. It also led to major labor reforms in the country and in the fashion world, which promised to take steps to ethically source their products.
  • 1971 Hijacking of Northwest Orient Airline 305. Considered to be one of the only unsolved hijacking cases in American history, a man named DB Cooper or Dan Cooper hijacked the Seattle, Washington bound plane. After his demands of $ 200,000 in cash and parachutes were fulfilled at the Seattle airport, he released the passengers, refueled the airplane and asked to be flown to Mexico. On the way, however, he used a parachute to escape from the plane. Cooper has never been identified or caught.
  • 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald shot. Oswald had assassinated John F. Kennedy, the 35th American president, two days prior to being shot by Jack Ruby while being transported by the police. The murder was broadcasted live on TV.
  • 1877 Black Beauty is published. The classic novel about the life of a horse called Black Beauty was written by English author Anna Sewell. The book quickly gained popularity and became an important part in the animal rights movement. It was Sewell’s only published work.
  • 1859 Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species published. One of the most influential books of all times, On the Origin of Species, put forth the theory of evolution and described the process of natural selection.

Births On This Day – November 24

  • 1978 Katherine Heigl – American actress, producer
  • 1961 Arundhati Roy – Indian author, activist
  • 1946 Ted Bundy – American serial killer
  • 1867 Scott Joplin – American pianist, composer
  • 1632 Baruch Spinoza – Dutch philosopher

Deaths On This Day – November 24

  • 1991 Freddie Mercury – Tanzanian/English singer-songwriter, producer
  • 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald – American assassin of John F. Kennedy
  • 1920 Alexandru Macedonski – Romanian author, poet
  • 1572 John Knox – Scottish clergyman
  • 1265 Magnus Olafsson – Manx king

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