Now Suspended: McAuliffe Staffer Allegedly Tells ‘Confederate Country’ to ‘Get f—–‘ on Twitter after Tuesday’s Big Loss

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Fox News reported that following his boss’s defeat on Tuesday night, an account affiliated with the social media manager for Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s failing gubernatorial campaign seemed to be shut down, with a tweet advising “confederate country” to “get f——-.”

“I tried my best,” the account @CharlieOlaf said in an updated bio. “Get f—– confederate country. Have fun with low taxes and no morals.”

Olafsson’s Twitter account is now permanently suspended.

During the campaign, McAuliffe’s social media manager was Charlie Olafsson. Olafsson’s account was under his control as recently as Friday, October 29. It’s unknown whether he was hacked or when, or if, he lost control of it.

The URL in @CharlieOlaf’s Twitter bio was changed to direct to a pornographic website.

According to a representative for McAuliffe’s campaign, “This isn’t a Twitter account for a member of the team. Someone is posing as him, and Twitter is investigating.”

Olafsson was intimately involved in pushing the later disproved story that White nationalists showed up to support Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin, a first-time candidate from the Republican business community, narrowly defeated McAuliffe on Tuesday night in a campaign that wasn’t believed to be competitive months ago.

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McAuliffe issued a statement Wednesday acknowledging that he “came up short” and offered his “congratulations to Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin on his victory.”

The former governor added, “I hope Virginians will join me in wishing the best to him and his family.”

Alexandra Brinkley
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