The Internet Suspects the JusticeforJ6 Rally “Fed Bois” Have Taken On a New Gig

On Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021, multiple news outlets reported that MAGA activists planned a “#JusticeforJ6” event to support people accused of taking part in the Capitol incident this past January 6th. 

A small crowd of a few hundred demonstrators turned out for the rally on behalf of the more than 600 people charged in the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th, with media and security personnel far outnumbering those seeking to air grievances on behalf of defendants widely perceived as political prisoners.

During the event, a photo of six men dubbed as “Fed Bois” swirled around the internet with captions like “OnlyFeds” and “Abercrombie & Snitch.”

The online narrative and logic was as follows… the protest could have been arranged by Feds… and here’s a picture capturing Feds trying to blend in as MAGA people in their dad-casual attire.

Earlier today, Texas Public Radio reported that police in Austin and San Antonio are investigating incidents of antisemitism after members of a neo-Nazi group toured through both cities in recent days.

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On Saturday, a group of about ten individuals traveled to Austin from Florida, hanging an anti-Semitic banner on a MOPAC overpass near the Shalom Austin Jewish Community Center and then roaming around the busy 6th Street.

The internet picked up on the striking similarities of the two groups of men from the Justice for J6 protest and today’s anti-Semitic group who traveled from Austin to Florida.

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