Jim CROVID: Democrats’ New Effort to Stratify Society

One of the most interesting legacies of slavery in the United States is the Democrat Party’s unabashed efforts to maintain a stratified society. From its founding, the Democrat party has relied on a division in society to keep power in the hands of the few. First, it was “Republicans will take your slaves away.” Then it was “Blacks will ruin society if we give them rights.” Later, assaults were mounted against the Chinese, the Irish, women, and even at one point, homosexuals. Because of the radical ideologies that have been pursued throughout the history of the Democrat party, there has always been the need for a “Boogeyman” to scare people (the GOP is not immune to this tactic either).

The newest iteration of this is the Vaxxer/Anti-Vaxxer divide. Democrats, under the leadership of Biden, Harris, and Pelosi, are doing their damndest to create animosity between people who have received the vaccine, people who have not received the vaccine, and people who have had the disease in both categories. Please note that this is not a “pro-vaccine” or an “anti-vaccine” article. You need to talk to the medical professional who treats you to determine if it is right for you. This is an anti-division article, it is an anti-hate article.

Please note that the irony of writing an article against Democrats and calling it anti-hate is not lost on me. We have reached a breaking point in the Democrat campaign where it is not all Democrats who are attacking those who are not unvaccinated, just those in power who are deeply invested in the argument. The Democrat party has failed; Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the exemplifications of that failure. Every effort of their administration has been a failure to the point that they have to use extraconstitutional means to push their agenda through. Their party is dying, and it is the death knell of the Democrat party that is drowning out the voice of the American people.

Biden’s Vaccination Mandate

One good thing Joe Biden has done is expose the massive federal overreach that we have been dealing with for just over a century. Beyond the departments of State, Defense, Interior, and Justice, there is no need for more executive departments. Congress, and by extension the entire government, has become lazy and delegated too much of its responsibility. Biden’s illegal mandate has exposed this corruption. While CNN and USA Today “Legal Experts” have stated he is well within his ability to regulate vaccines under current labor law, they forget that the Dormant Commerce Clause, the Fourth Amendment, and the 9th & 10th Amendment all show that the current labor law is wholly and unequivocally unconstitutional.

Under the Dormant Commerce Clause, the courts have ruled time and time again that congress has the right to regulate interstate trade. This is where the 100 number that Joe Biden was talking about comes from. The court has established that nearly every company that has over 100 people deals with interstate commerce in some way. However, the courts have ruled that the dormant commerce clause applies to Congress, not the executive branch. As such, the Labor Department, in general, is unconstitutional. Further, the “safety mandate” proposed by Biden is very intrusive, dictating medical procedures. While the Hepatitis regulations were narrowly confined, the COVID restrictions are broad and unwieldy, specifically not allowing for an exception for those who have had the virus and have higher than vaccinated immunities.

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Oddly enough, the Labor Department’s mandate also comes up against the 4th Amendment. Denying a person the right to work could really be seen as a deprivation of liberty – beyond the evidence, it is punishment without prosecution. As people have a right to work (the right to contract), the government cannot remove this right without due process. The “clever” way that scholars are calling a workaround by the Biden Regime is nothing more than a strawman method, which has been called out by the courts time and time again. As such, since the regime is already denying due process (5th), the use of a private company to do a “search” of a person’s private papers, is simply the government conducting an illegal search through a third party they have strong-armed to comply through the threat of a $14,000 fine.

Additionally, the courts have ruled that vaccination efforts are the purview of the states and the people if for no other reason than that they are not mentioned in the Constitution. The mandate is well beyond federal power; the development was within the federal power as an emergency. The states who are challenging this mandate are well within their rights because the federal government cannot co-opt the states to do its will, nor can it co-opt the duties of the state because it does not like how the state is doing them.

Biden’s mandate is nothing more than using the bully pulpit and having the shills in the media support his illegal actions because it fits their narrative. While the vaccine is the right choice for many Americans who have not had the disease, it is still a choice – specifically the choice that they should make with a medical doctor who is treating them.

Impact of the Mandate

So just because I do not like the mandate does not mean that I should be comparing it to Jim Crow. Millions of Americans were denied their rights because of petulant politicians who were not getting their way. OK, so it is the same thing in a different scenario. 1. Politics have passed the science, check. 2. Causes division among the people, check. 3. Targets a specific group that is doing nothing legally wrong, check. The same things that struck down Jim Crow should strike down the Biden mandate. And before anyone makes the “public health emergency,” the Dems used that to oppress blacks during Jim Crow.

So, where have politics passed the science? When politicians ignored the people who have been infected with COVID in order to push the drug that many of them are invested in. Studies have shown that people who have had COVID are better off than people who get the jab. This does not mean that if your doctor suggests you should get the shot you should ignore him/her, but it does mean that people who have a normal immune response have better resistance than the people who got the jab. The studies on whether people who have had COVID and the jab are any better off have gone both ways, but the big ones are saying unless a person has a compromised immune system they really do not do that much. Any public plan should focus on helping the people who need help, not just using up a supply of drugs that we bought “sight unseen.”

Joe Biden and his media goons have made a mission to make the vaxxers hate the anti-vaxxers. To start off people who are generally against vaccines are easy to make fun of. Vaccines, generally, work. Now, we can argue about chemical compounds in the vaccine, but vaccines as an idea work. RNA vaccines fail after 6 months, we know this as every one of these vaccines for the last 40 years has been shot down because of its failure rate. Guess what: 6 months after the vaccine was first used we are seeing heavy failure rates as the body rejects the foreign DNA/RNA strands. The division is being caused because people are doing their own research, as they should. The main tool of the Democrat party is hate, and they are hoping that the hate of some Vaxxers will force anti-vaxxers to comply.

The third element of this is the one no one wants to talk about. No American has an affirmative duty to get any medical treatment. You can tell a doctor to let you die on the table if you want. If we want to get technical, the 4th Geneva Convention (which we are a part of) says that no person has to get an unwanted OR experimental medical procedure. In this case, we are looking at unwanted and in the case of most vaccines that are not Pfizer, experimental. That means that anyone who does not want a vaccine, whether a good idea or not, is well within their legal rights. Since employers have no right to your medical records (try and ask an employee if they have HIV), they should not be allowed to ask about this. Further, the government making them as is another of Joe’s Strawmen.

Even Deeper into Jim Crow

If you look at the most resistant race to get vaccines is, you will find that it is Black Americans. Now, I cannot blame them, the government has not been forthright with the Black community when it comes to medicine. From experiments to sending corrupt doctors to community centers, governments in many American cities (mostly Democrat run) has really attacked the Black community. This mandate from Joe Biden will disproportionally affect Black Americans, especially poor Americans who live in the inner cities and work for chain businesses.

The other group that is unlikely to get the vaccine are those who are highly educated. Now this may hurt some people’s feelings, but a B.A. or a B.S. degree is not “highly educated;” you need some sort of doctorate to reach that status. Ph.Ds, M.D.s and nurses lead the way of people who are not getting the jab. Oddly enough, these are the same people who are disagreeing with the Biden administration’s policies. So it only makes sense, following the Democrat playbook, that Biden would target them.

Division is at the heart of the Democrat model of control, if “A” hates “B” then we can control “A” and “B.” But this only works if we let it. This is where we see a slight difference from the Republican party; the Republican party tends to focus its fear-mongering on actions, which means it is not targeting people directly. This is still bad, just not as bad. Because of Biden’s illegal mandate, Democrats can be racist against the Black community because it is a “choice” not to get vaccinated. Democrats can now attack members of the academic and medical community because they do not agree with the “science.” This is a perfect storm that allowed Democrats to break their own record and fund raise an anemic $20,000,000 in August.


In a republic, status should not be an indicator of how you are treated. Yes, we all realize that the rich get treated better than the poor, a million dollar-a-week athlete or movie star who cannot read and is a racist gets more news coverage than a doctor rescuing children from the sex trade. In a republic, we should be judged on our actions, not by how we are born. The dirty truth that Democrats do not want people to look at is that we are born with our natural immune system. Yes, we have the option to get the vax, but it is an option. No one in this country is required to “do” anything, all the government can do is tell us what we cannot do.

Now of course this statement has exceptions; absolutes are the way of the dark side (read Democrats). The government requires us to register for Selective Service (as long as we have a Y chromosome). Required to pay a portion of our income as a “privilege” of living in a civilized society. But beyond the basic pay for and defend the country, the government cannot punish us for our status, only our actions. As being unvaccinated is a natural state, the unvaxxed are a protected class.

The other group that everyone, except the media, is talking about is the 40,000,000 people in the United States that have had COVID. Nearly every recent study has shown that people who have had the disease have better immunity to infection than those who have had the jab, some even show that the jab is lowering natural immunity for people who have had the disease. Joe Biden’s illegal mandate does not have a cut out for these people, why? Is it because the United States bought millions and millions of doses of the vaccine from their buddies in big pharma, does that expire very soon? Billions of dollars wasted; may as well pump those does into the veins of people who need them.

This week, there was a meme circulating showing how Joe wants things. It was the old photo of the two water fountains, one “white’s only” and one “colored.” This is the reality that Joe made with his mandate. What makes it even more insensitive is that it will disproportionately affect Black Americans. The roots of the Democrat party are fed by the blood of racism, they just gave it a facelift. However, just like the slave masters and their bought and paid for politicians in Washington during the Confederate South, Democrats are saying the same thing: “they won’t know what to do unless we tell them.”

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