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Reborn Organization Makes Protests Easy for All

I recently got the privilege of interviewing via email Jim Neighbors of the group Overpasses for America (O4A). I had heard of them, but had never dug into it. During the past year or so, he has resurrected the group nationwide to protest the many injustices perpetrated by the Biden Administration. While each local branch has it’s movers and shakers, Jim has been coordinating a lot of it from the center of the Country.

NRN: How/When/Why did O4A start? Give me the details.

JN: It began in 2013 when I was sick and tired of seeing the America I loved slowly die from Communist evil.  I saw an article about a man who held a protest on an overpass in California.  I contacted him and he was not interested in making a national movement.  So on June 11th, 2013 I took a leap of faith and built the page on Facebook. I took the method, improved upon it and made it into an international movement.

NRN: What were the most meaningful effects you observed from the movement?

JN: The defeat of Eric Cantor in 2014, stopping Amnesty for illegal aliens, and sending Obama’s Bureau of Land Management packing at the Bundy Ranch Siege.

NRN: When/Why did you resurrect the movement?

JN: Spring 2021, because I realized that if the FBI was worried enough about my organization protesting to send someone over to my house to ask, that we must return.  If the govt is worried, we have a tangible, noticeable effect.

NRN: I’ve noticed the Gab Groups taking off, they seem to be popular spaces to plan regional events and network. Is it true you are seeing so much activity that you wish to go from regional groups to individual state ones?

JN: Activity picked up so much in the groups, that moving to individual state groups was a necessity.  I just finished building them and organization by members has picked up dramatically.

NRN: What would you say to potential volunteers?

JN: Are you ready to change the world?  Join us and learn how.

NRN: Are there any precautions to take or forms to fill out for most overpass protests?

JN: With the deranged state of the left, it’s always a good idea to practice situational awareness.  They like to sneak up and attack when your guard is down.  It is extremely rare, but they are becoming more deranged as Marxism takes control of their minds. No forms are necessary, just a public sidewalk per Marsh v Alabama.

NRN: How long are they usually?

JN: Most people opt for 2-3 hours.  You’d be surprised how tired you get when the adrenaline runs out!

NRN: What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a sign big enough to be seen by traffic?

Duct tape and tarps or poster boards is one way, spray paint and bedsheets is another.  Letters 12 inches tall, the fewer the words the better.  It has to be read at highway speeds, so always keep the audience in mind.

NRN: How are the police encounters you have had? Liberals?

JN: It depends on where you’re at.  On the left coast, they’re more KGB-behaving than in other states.

NRN: Lastly, what are your hopes for the immediate future of the movement?

JN: Continued growth which will crank up the pressure on our politicians, and finding America first candidates to support and replace our current batch of sellouts.

My take

I am glad there are a few good Americans that still want to get out and seek redress of grievances! On an overpass you are on public property, so you usually have no issues. That being said, you have to be respectful, not litter, and in some areas you can only lean your signage facing cars (some attach to fences) or carry them on sticks. Flags will do. You can reach thousands of daily travelers in just a couple hours with your message.

Whether you join an established group or are a force of one for freedom, it is never a wasted effort. now has Overpasses for America groups for all 50 US states. It is growing internationally as well. An O4A group has the benefits of not only reaching more citizens than a lot of other methods, but you can establish friendships with like-minded folk. People you can rely on in these strange times!

The most important thing is getting out. The politicians and their minions in the Main Stream Media want you to stay quiet and in place. Covid “lock-downs” are perfect for growing tryanny. A fact not lost on the current Administration. Be an annoyance to them.

“Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God,” – John Knox

Like Jim says “Get your ass to an overpass!”

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