Bill Gates: A Finger in Every Pie

Getting Control of the Food, Controlling the Planet

As discussed by Dr. Vandana Shiva in an interview with Dr. M., Bill Gates has been able to disguise his unholy empire by transforming the appearance of his evil deeds by becoming the purveyor of all things good: a philanthropist that has given to the world all classes of charitable work, merely a facade of beneficent acts. The doctor noted that, as Rockefeller hid behind the cloak of goodness by becoming a philanthropist of enormous proportions, so has Gates. And let’s not forget the Clinton Foundation that has facilitated the Clinton’s nefarious deeds under the guise of charity work. And these malefactors have profited enormously from them at your and the world’s expense..

Dr. M. stated, “There was no way it would ever have been possible to have this catastrophe of COVID literally on a global basis if it wasn’t for one organization.” Here, the doctor is referring to the World Health Organization for which Gates has been one of the largest donors. And it is Gates who stands to make the most money from the vaccines.

He continued, “But in addition to that, there was a massive censorship that developed as a result of suppressing every natural alternative that would be effective, safe and just abolish – and even drugs they were suppressing like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin because they were competitors to the vaccine.”

Gates and the Greenhouse Gases

According to Dr. V. Shiva, desertification is the result of the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, creating devastating effects to life in the ocean and creating nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas. While pretending to save the planet and increase food supply, the chemicals have decimated the natural production of the food supply while simultaneously creating a negative effect on the earth’s atmosphere!

Moreover, while attempting to eliminate the use of natural beef under the guise of eliminating greenhouse gases, the beneficial fats that would be ingested in naturally occurring amounts are being replaced. With what is Gates replacing the naturally occurring amounts of essential fatty acids, omega-6 linoleic acid fats? The artificial meats that contain excessive amounts of these nutrients. And the Impossible Burgers will lead to “destruction or movement towards every single chronic degenerative disease.”

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Gates’ Control of the Food Supply

Gates has taken steps to implement Digital Agriculture. Not surprisingly, the Gate’s Ag One company is located in St. Louis, Missouri, the location of Monsanto’s headquarters. It is intrinsic to the plan by Gates to control world agriculture utilizing a surveillance system.

“Gates is controlling the seeds of the world. The research of the world, the knowledge of the world and the fake food.”

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Now, Gates doesn’t own those businesses. He controls them through the funding of his supposedly benign philanthropic donations. According to Dr. M, the amount of farmland acreage owned by Gates is at least 242,000 acres. His farmland spans a wide range of states: Illinois, California, Washington, Iowa and Louisiana. But, as noted by Dr. M., the farming initiative does not include anything remotely organic.

So much for Gate’s supposed interest in health! The farmland will grow unhealthy GMOs using unhealthy, cancer-causing chemicals. So much for the future of food. (An interesting documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia “The Future of Food“, an expose of Monsanto’s unethical business practices-worth the time to watch)!

A Finger in Every Pie Means Ultimate Total Control

The type of control Gate’s is accruing along with the Great Reset bunch will play a tremendous part (if not actually obtaining total control) over your food choices, how you live and work, where you have permission to travel and if you will even keep your job. And he’s killing the planet and everything on it (with the exception of the elite) in a multi-layered, multi-tiered web of deceit. Don’t you think it’s time we all say “No!”?