The Mask Police Are Coming and You’re Next!

Christian and Jewish Houses of Worship Under Attack!

Not too long ago, just a little over a year, no one would have believed that the sanctity of a house of worship would have been violated by a western (Canadian in this case) government for a pastor’s or congregation’s failure to wear face masks. Nothing spells hostile Marxist/Communist takeover like Covid-19’s mask, vaccine and social distancing protocols. Few incidents are more frightening than watching a formerly free Western nation succumb to the entrapments of the globalist reaches than a pastor’s arrest for refusing to allow police officers into the church when no moral or ethical violation had been committed or for violating a mask mandate on private property with the consent of the attendees.

The heavy hand of the Mask Police was recently felt in Canada by Pastor Artur Pawlowski soon after expelling the police from his church. Pastor Pawlowski had demanded the 6 mask police leave the vestibule of his church unless they had a warrant. After failing to leave after repeated requests by the pastor, the pastor called them Nazis, Gestapo and told them they were not welcome. The pastor exclaimed lividly that the church congregants were being intimidated because the police disrupted a religious service during the Passover celebration.

Come for him they did! Pastor Pawlowski was arrested by the Canadian police for the act of holding a church service that, according to the Canadian regime, violated the rules of the new Great Reset. Gone are the days of freedom of worship and freedom to make one’s own choices regarding dress or medical treatment. Soon will come the day in which employment, classes in school, travel and a myriad of other formally considered normal activities will be prohibited for those who don’t obey the Mask Police.

Nothing is sacred anymore in this New World Order. Those of us in Western, supposedly first world nations that had, until now, at least a dwindling pretense of law, order, justice and individuals liberties and rights, are realizing that those freedoms and individuals rights and personal choice are tottering on the brink.