The Administrative State: The Antithesis to the Constitution

This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion
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All They Need Is a Gullible Public

The population has been prepared for many years to accept the administrative state, a state which knows better than its citizens regarding every aspect of their existence. Control by the administrative state over every aspect of the population’s lives has been routinely weaving a web in which the public, convinced that control by the state is in their best interest in order to protect their health, their well-being, their education, and their income, will soon be irreversibly entangled. 

Much of the population has already been manipulated by the administrative state to voluntarily surrender their constitutional rights under the guise of safety and security. Nothing better than a worldwide health scare can convince a gullible and obedient public that it is in their best interest to become subservient to the agenda of the elites. What’s more, the public has been deceived into relinquishing their critical thinking skills, the skills that would give them the tools to determine whether the so-called scientific basis for lockdowns and vaccine passports are, in fact, a ploy to usher in a New World Order where there are no government protected God-given rights.

But for those who are not gullible, for those who dare express an opinion contrary to the leftist agenda, the department who’s duty it is to protect the law abiding citizens is, instead, persecuting them. The upstanding, law-abiding former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, suffered persecution at the hand of the FBI this week. An early morning raid on his New York apartment saw the law enforcement agents confiscate computers, among other items, for the investigative work done by Giuliani, exposing the illicit deals of the Biden crime family in the Ukraine. This is the same FBI that refused to go after Hunter Biden and kept the wraps on the discovery of his nasty deeds on a computer turned in by an unsuspecting law-abiding citizen.

But their persecution is not reserved for high profile figures. They recently kicked down the door of an unsuspecting couple’s home in Alaska simply because they happened to vacation in Washington D.C. during the period of time when President Trump addressed the peaceful multitudes on January 6. Twelve agents kicked down their door and held them in handcuffs until the woman offered simple proof that she was not the person seen in a photo in the Capitol, a simple identifying feature which a trained FBI should have observed. 

Never mind the fact that freedom-loving, law-abiding, Trump supporting citizens are now falsely labeled “white supremacists” and terrorists, all to quash any vestige of the patriotic masses who stand to support their God-given rights, supported by the Constitution, in order to usher in the New World Order. Meanwhile, violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists engage in terrorist activities, harming citizens from every walk of life without FBI intervention. 

I assume there are sincere agents among their ranks. But one must ask how it is that so many in the administrative state could have been bought and compromised to such a degree that foreign governments and elites now have sway over their every decision. Will any of the Democrats and Rinos ever grow a conscience and admit to the country and admit, even to themselves, that they have lost their bearings and gone astray?  Do we dare hope?