BLM Strikes Again: The Two-Tiered Justice System

Who Do They Really Work For?

BLM is at it again.  Nothing is scared to the Marxist lackeys. On the list of their recent escapades is their destruction of a Portland, Oregon church, an Apple store, a historical society (amid calls for no more history) and a veggie grill. According to the Gateway Pundit, the rioters went through the downtown area of Portland, smashing the windows of businesses. 

Vandals have struck Oregon Historical Society and 1st Christian Church in downtown Portland. Police have declared a riot.

But the coordinated attacks don’t stop there. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s neighborhood was invaded by the radicals. As noted by Brock Simmons in his article in the Gateway Pundit, Mayor Lightfoot had to call for police assistance, the same police she had berated that same day in regards to the Adam Toledo shooting. To protect her neighborhood from the Black Lives Matter activists to whom she has given support. The police only intervened as the rioters approached Mayor Lightfoot’s neighborhood. How about the other residents of the city? Don’t they also deserve protection? As Simmons noted, “Radical leftist Lori Lightfoot is no longer far left enough to satisfy the raging mobs.”

Melee at Logan Square Park as police clash with the crowd in the streets here at the end of tonight’s protest for Adam Toledo #Chicago#AdamToledo #ChicagoPolice

The Gateway Pundit also reported the Mayor of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota lifted the curfew on the city, leaving the Antifa and BLM mob to rejoice at their liberty to engage in unhinged destruction. One must ask who got the mayor to lift the curfew! Every single Democrat Mayor who bows to the whims and demands of the radicals will find that the alligators will not wait to devour them last. 

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FBI Fails to Arrest BLM, Goes After Patriots!

For now, the FBI has refused to haul in the thugs destroying the cities, despite having all the information and tools at their disposal to jail, prosecute and put away the element intent on destroying the very fabric of American society, the Constitution and the citizens it was created to protect. Yet, the corrupt law enforcement agency has pursued only non-violent Patriots, some of whom never set foot at the Capitol on January 6 and some who merely walked through now find themselves in jail facing jail time that does not fit the crime.  

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) put FBI Director Christopher Wray on the hot seat, lambasting him for the double standard of the FBI. BLM and Antifa terrorists have caused more than one billion dollars in damage across America since last June. BLM has been responsible for at least 91% of the riots that caused that damage. Yet, the FBI has taken no positive action to quell the violence and make the terrorists suffer the consequences of their actions. Yet, as noted in the GP, “But following the January 6th raid on the US Capitol Chris Wray, the FBI and DOJ have sentenced and arrested hundreds of conservative, patriotic Americans including pregnant women, cancer patients and reporters. Many of these individuals are still in prison and many of them only committed the crime of walking through the open doors on the US Capitol that day.”

So, Who Do They Really Work For?

Who does the FBI really work for? And all of our justice system and the judicial branch? The question we must ask is: for how long has the seeping corruption of the justice system been infiltrating the very fiber of our society to transform it from the greatest bulwark defending the freedoms of its citizens to the latest casualty of the global elites and the Great Reset?