Smartphones: Big Brother is Watching You

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Smartphones are Not Private

Privacy and security are major concerns for many people in 2021. Even if it is not at the forefront of your mind, it is something we all want. Have you ever been talking about something and opened the browser on your phone to look it up only to have it auto-suggested to you? This is more than just a strange coincidence. Our smartphones and smart devices are constantly listening. Whether that be for advertisers or the government, it feels like an invasion of privacy (and it is).

One thing we have learned over the last decade is that our privacy is a façade. In 2013, Edward Snowden, an ex-CIA analyst, released proof of the government illegally spying on American citizens, causing outrage and disbelief. Love him or hate him, Snowden called attention to an issue that has been around long before the internet. The Washington Post wrote an article in 2013 documenting how the NSA spied on Americans pre-internet era. However, with the invention of the internet came access to a wealth of information. We bank online. We pay bills online. We stream content online. We have personal and private conversations online.

Your Information is Not Safe on the Internet

Not only does the government now have access to an enormous database of information living online, but they also have the ability to access real-time conversation and even tap into cameras to watch you through devices that are connected to the internet. Almost every person in 2021 has a smartphone. Most people have other internet connected devices, from laptops and tablets to smart speakers and smart TVs. These devices often have cameras and always have microphones. The ability to tap into lives and gather real-time information has never been more accessible.

However, it’s not just the government that wants our information. Hungry advertisers want our information. They want to know what we think, what we want, what we might buy. They can use this information to target ads and sway our purchasing habits. This information has always been coveted by marketing agencies and highly sought after. Now, they can tap right into our lives through our smart devices.

Stop Smartphone Spying in its Tracks

Have you ever wished there was something you could do to take your privacy back? How would you like to have complete control over your information? With our smartphones being a personal extension of our lives in many ways, it may seem like a daunting task to take back control of your personal information and shield this sensitive content from those who may use it nefariously.

The good news is that there is a way for you to take back control of your privacy! There is a brand-new technology that puts the control back in your hands. Using groundbreaking proprietary blockchain tech, this device can guarantee your information and conversations are safe from even the most persistent prying eyes.  If you are familiar with the way cryptocurrency works, you may have a little insight into how secure blockchain is. However, for those that are not quite sure, blockchain is essentially a type of super secure, encrypted database that holds “blocks” of data in a “chain.” This type of technology ensures your safety against hackers, malware, trackers, ads, viruses, and prying eyes.

Take Back Control of Your Private Information with Clear Phone

You may be wondering, what is this technology and how do I get my hands on it? Well, we have some good news! NRN has partnered with Clear United to bring you the Clear Phone. Clear United / Clear Phone is a new privacy phone and mobile network built on top of the T-Mobile network that allows you to own your data and identity. Not only that but Clear Phone provides a way for parents to ensure that their kids are protected as well. Clear United has developed incredibly secure parental controls to give you peace of mind when your child has a smartphone.

The phone allows you to own your digital identity through a D.I.D (Decentralized ID) instead of attaching your name/phone to your ISMEI Number. It has its own operating system, CLEAROS, which is a fork of android removing all Google spyware and keeping the open-source nature and compatibility of the google play store so you can use all the apps in that network. Clear Phone also has its own clear play store for privacy-preserving apps, including its own browser (like Brave) and its own version of Signal to message between DIDs and phone numbers. (end-to-end encryption). Clear United has launched the Clear Phone in full beta this year. However, you can purchase the phone and sign up for early access using this NRN link –

In addition, you have the opportunity to partner with NRN and Clear United. You can join the Clear United team and earn money simply by sharing this groundbreaking technology with others. Not only will you be helping people own their privacy again but you will be able to bring in another stream of income! This is an optional opportunity but think of it like this. If you finally have the ability to ensure that your information stays private, in the form of a cool new smartphone with an amazing camera, aren’t you going to be telling all your friends about it? Clear Phone only advertises through its users so the money they normally would spend in advertising revenue goes back to their marketers – you! If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, you can get more information here.

We can finally #OwnOurData and stop getting exploited by big tech who tracks everything we do and everywhere we go!