Right Calgary: Visiting Olympic Plaza Post-COVID Lockdown

Christians, Antifa, and BLM Mashup

I took the C-Train south and met my friend at the City Hall Station. We were pleasantly surprised to find, not only a free BBQ feeding the homeless at Olympic Plaza, but an Easter Sunday Christian/Antifa-BLM protest mashup! I genuinely wish I had set things up to record commentary and video the whole ordeal because it was so awesome. It’s actually super positive to see these events, even if people are shouting and swearing at one another. We had a saying when I was growing up:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

And hundreds of people there today were proof of this. Nobody got hurt (at least for the time I was there).

I personally feel that events like these are proof the system we have in place works and works well. A friend told me once that, when people disagreed this much in the past they just tried to kill one another. I personally felt that this protest/BBQ was very high-energy but nowhere near a state of fever-pitch where anyone legitimately wanted to hurt anyone. Not really.

A few memorable moments/characters:

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  1. Person in a lion costume that could DANCE!
  2. Lady dressed in black who, in my assessment, was cosplaying as a crying person – no judgement but…I think this lady shows up to these events so she can look sad and cry. Just my observation again, no judgement.
  3. Tiny Antifa girl (personally reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman) shouting things at the Christians but, due to her mask and small voice, could not be heard at all.
  4. Free cookies!
  5. How polite and patient the Calgary City Police were – Hats off to them!
  6. One man’s sign with, seriously, like 12 point font – each point of the maple leaf had a phrase assigned to it, honestly bud, nobody can read your sign. It’s alright, we’re all learning. It’s a process. We grow together.
  7. One fellow near the Antifa/BLM side playing harmonica into a megaphone for appox. 10 seconds. No shade, but I gave it a 2/5. Would have been a 1 but, hey, point for harmonica.

Chorus in Chaos

And I tell ya, me and my buddy were right in it! An officer politely asked us to move so they could set up a bike blockade between the two “sides” (even though you could just walk around on the sidewalk or up near the steps in the plaza.) Lots of signs on both sides. An upside down Canadian flag which I didn’t care for and one lady’s sign that said “Mandates are not Laws.” The best moment for me was when a lady from the Antifa/BLM side shouted into her megaphone over the Christian’s rendition of “We will rock you”…

“You guys need a better playlist. Ya’ll are killing me out here! At least play something I can dance to.”

It might have been one of the coolest moments of my life. If I could have that moment saved in a recording, I swear I would use it for the intro to my next album. Several times after that, the music from both sides would meld together to form a song of it’s own that wasn’t half bad. Heavy metal and olde timey folk songs don’t usually match up, but today they did.

Apparently the Christians had plans to walk around City Hall seven times and blow their trumpets Jericho style from the Old Testament. But my buddy and I decided we’d walk to the Peace Bridge to finish the afternoon off so I can’t say if it worked or not. We’ll have to check the news like everybody else.

Refreshing Day Out of the House

We ended the day skipping stones in the Bow River and chatting about life while the Canadian geese tried to chase us away from their hang out spots. To be fair, they were there first. All in all, it was a really enjoyable day. I can’t help but feel that, even though there was lots of energy and shouting at the protest/BBQ mashup, everybody seemed glad to just get out of the damn house!

All in all, I give this event a solid 8/10. I was a big fan of everyone’s homemade crafting of signs and banners, the music was okay and of course, free food. Each side was putting in a lot of effort to send a message while also remaining peaceful. Full marks to everybody for that but, in the end, I’m going to have to give it to the side feeding the homeless – The Christians. Sorry Antifa/BLM side, they got you there. Charity is the pure Love of Christ and well, they were practicing what they preach.

Briefly Meeting Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and I did meet briefly when I let him know I was the fella that phoned him last night but from the word “Go” the dude was busy! There were so many people helping to set up and get food handed out. It was great to see everyone’s participation. I am so glad I took him up on his invitation. And a shout-out to my buddy who encouraged us to meet down there instead of staying home out of the cold.

Thanks for letting me report on this. My plan is to have a video recording setup so that I can ask people about their signs, get their opinions on why they are there and generally get a better feel of the moment from the source. In doing this, we can become infinitely more powerful than the old legacy media. So thanks for helping me along the path.

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