Right Calgary: I Plan to Meet the Pastor Who Expelled the COVID Police from His Church

Alberta Pastor Artur Pawlowski Had the Boldness to Condemn Mask Policing

I have to admit, I’m not totally excited about sharing any of my info. online but, since I plan on meeting with Pastor Artur Pawlowski, as seen in the viral video below, today on Easter Sunday and writing about it, I’ll say that, I love living in Calgary. This city is amazing. I love it here. I love the people. I love hearing six different languages on the C-Train on my way to work. It’s not the capital, but I’ve always felt that this city is at the heart of Alberta.

Our Rights Come from God not Governments

I also think we are being taken over by a communist-style agenda that makes citizens responsible for the needs of the afflicted. This is horse-crap and almost everyone knows it. I am not interested in playing along with the idea that we can eradicate suffering by somehow regulating my breathing. There will always be a more then 0% chance that I, or any citizen of any country on planet earth, will asymptomatically transmit some sort of sickness to another human. To try and eliminate this through fascist-style measures is a mockery to my intelligence and a slap in the face to the most educated populace in history. We are not stupid. We are not sheep or cows or just numbers to be added to the fold of immunized bodies. We are human beings created by God in His image and are endowed with our rights and freedoms from birth. We are not, I repeat, we are not granted them by our governments. Our governments are granted power by us. The citizens. The people.

The Pharisaical Observers of the COVID Holy-Law

When I saw the video of Pastor Artur Pawlowski kicking my own city’s police out of his church I thought “This might be the moment. I hope this will catch fire.” The cult-like mentality that has overtaken this fallacy of “COVID-safety” is both mind boggling and terrifying. My coworkers observe these Alberta Health Service “measures’ like ancient Jews adhering to their Mosaic commandments. It’s as if overnight we’ve spawned a population of Pharisaical observers of COVID holy-law.

This is nothing Christianity hasn’t seen before. But what can we do to fight for our freedom to worship? Well, I thought, here’s one man making a stand and he’s here in the city I love. How much closer could it get to home? I hope it ends here but who knows.

Feeding the Homeless on Easter Sunday

I called the number listed on his church website and after ring a voice picked up “Hello.” I said “Hi, I am interested in supporting your cause.” After a few minutes conversation about different ways to contribute I said “I’m actually looking for Pastor Artur Pawlowski.” After which I realized, I’d been talking to him this entire time!

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He asked me to join him and his congregation for today to hand out food to the homeless at 1:00 pm in front of City Hall and I plan on taking him up on his offer. He mentioned that they provide this service four times per week and I’m welcome to help anytime. “The need is great,” said Pastor Pawlowski.

I will write a follow-up article today if I am able to make the event at 1:00 pm. I plan on shaking this man’s hand and finding out more about his mission and story. I was raised in a Christian-adjacent denomination and found lots of great memories there, but ultimately I had to leave them. Now I find my faith in Jesus Christ through a few sources; my parent’s belief in Him, by attending small services of dedicated ministers and of course study of my King James Version of The Holy Bible. I had never read the literal words of Jesus Christ until I took seriously the threats of my anti-theist friends and the terrible movement I call The Radical Left. Now I see truly how much they hate us. How much The Left hates Jesus Christ and the message he brings.

Christians, Wake Up!

There is a resonance that can be felt regarding the need to “Wake up!” to the reality we are facing. Christians know something is afoot. One friend agrees with me that, at least in the Christian groups we’ve encountered, he sees a departure from the gospel of Jesus Christ to a more “inclusive” gospel of social justice. There is change.

More research-driven friends tell me they’ve read the stories of pastors being imprisoned for holding service and they find it concerning. Some of those friends also mention members of other religions are not being held to the same standards. They say this is inherently going to end badly. But I have faith we can come together. But only if we can tackle the real virus. Fear.

In regards to whispers amongst my fellow-Canadians of a so-called “mask rebellion” I know what I plan on doing if one breaks out. I would first viciously rip my mask off and sprint toward them and hopefully, violate social distancing rules as I run up and give people a hug the s.o.b. And then if that wasn’t enough, I’d make sure to shake his un-gloved hand at least once or twice too! If my math holds, the side that perfects this tactic would win, hands down. It’s just a numbers game. Remember, hugs and handshakes will win the war!