It’s Time to Cruise: NRN Announces Its First Pro-America Cruise

This year has been a challenge. Election uncertainty, unabashed spending, and “cancel culture” are taking a toll. For so many people, the reaction is to quit going out and living their lives. Separation is painful. As patriots, we should be talking to our neighbors, not hiding from the world. Sometimes people feel like conservatives are alone. At NRN we are planning an event to show people they are not alone.


New Right Network is pleased to announce our first annual Pro-America Cruise On October 31st, we will be boarding the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas out of Puerto Rico for an 8-night/7-day cruise to the Caribbean. This cruise will take us to St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and Barbados. Interior rooms start at $1,574 per cabin (double occupancy) and luxurious balconies start at $2,120. You can also schedule an all-you-can-drink package. Ask the travel agent for the going rate (it is cheaper if you book it before boarding).

We chose this cruise for several reasons. Chief among them is that you go to six different ports of call in seven days. Each day on this cruise is a new experience, and – if you are a first time cruiser – you will never be far from land. While on the cruise, you will get to meet some of your favorite NRN personalities. This is a great chance to meet with like minded people, have a great vacation, and keep positive while we weather the changes until the midterms.

If this is your first cruise, Royal Caribbean is one of the top cruise lines in safety and luxury for people from 30-65. The cruise line is very family friendly with dedicated areas for children and teens. Royal Caribbean retrofitted the Explorer of the Seas with modern amenities less than six years ago. With a Main-Street-like promenade, five-star dining, and over a dozen bars, clubs, and venues, you will not find yourself bored on the cruise. If you need time away from everyone, stop in for a massage ($) at the health spa or take a moment in the library or the card room.


Dining is one of the top features of any great cruise. The Explorer of the Seas starts off your oceanic adventure with the Royal Caribbean signature Windjammer Cafe. This all-you-care-to-eat buffet is one of the many complimentary restaurants on the ship. If you are looking for something more upscale than the buffet, you can look to the main dining room. This three-story, five-star dining venue is also included in the cost of your trip. Finally, if you find yourself hungry during odd times or during the night, there are several 24-hour food stations around the ship.

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Want to make a special occasion even more special? There are several prime ($) dining options on the ship. As a slight up-charge, try the 1950’s inspired Johnny Rockets Diner, the upscale Chops Steakhouse, or Izumi Japanese Bistro. For more privacy, room service is available for a small fee.


During each day of the trip, you will have a plethora of entertainment at your disposal. For those who want to stay near the ship, there are hours of entertaining events hosted by the crew that can keep you busy; you never even have to leave the ship to enjoy your cruise. However, for those of you who want to explore, each port of call has dozens of events and adventures you can sign up for. Swim with dolphins, explore the island, relax on the beach. The travel agent can help you book any of your excursions before you leave, or you can book them once you are on the ship.

When you are on the ship, there are dozens of classes and cultural events to keep you busy. When the sun sets, you will have dozens of bars and clubs to choose from to party the night away. If you want something a little more formal, there are Broadway-style shows every night in the main theater. Families can watch movies by the pool on the outdoor screen, or sneak to the top deck for rock climbing, surfing (yes surfing), or a game of mini-golf. If you feel lucky, you can swing by the Casino Royal for slots, craps, roulette and Caribbean card games. There are even piano bars where you can share a bottle of wine with new friends you make on the cruise.


If this sounds like something that you would like to do, talk to our agent. Call Weekend Wanderers at 1-814-674-8918 or email to book your adventure. Email is best to set up an appointment; please do not leave personal information on voicemail or in an email. Early bird registration ends on April 23rd; after that the price will be the going market rate. All prices are for two people in a room. Families or solo travelers can call the agent to see what the rate is for single, triple, or quad rooms. Air travel is not included (when you book you will want to fly into San Juan). We will likely have a Zoom webinar before the trip to get everyone acquainted with cruising.

Cruise ships generally start boarding around 11AM. As of the last posting, the ship leaves port in Puerto Rico at 8PM. Timetables, however, are subject to change (as early as 5 PM). On the return flight, usually, you are off the ship and through customs by noon.

COVID Safety

COVID safety is the responsibility of everyone. Mask regulations will be posted by the cruise-line, and they are at the discretion of the cruise line. As of now, vaccines are not required for cruises after September 1st. Onboard, there will be hand sanitation stations present before you can enter any of the eateries or public venues. The air on the ship is filtered for your protection. NRN accepts your registration for this event as an agreement to follow the rules set forth by the cruise lines.


People worry about the nation, but that is not a reason to quit living in the nation. Getting together with fellow patriots who believe the United States still has its best days ahead of us is a great way to deal with the next year and a half. Sometimes, especially before a hard mid-term election, you need to sit back and enjoy yourself. The NRN cruise gives you that opportunity: travel with people who love the country, then have new friends to work with to maintain a country we can love.

Call our agent Call Weekend Wanderers today at 1-814-674-8918 or email to book your adventure.

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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