Gun Historian Ashley Hlebinsky Sheds New Light on Gun Ban Legislation

What’s Going on Now with Gun Legislation is AHistorical

Veteran Nation spent time chatting with Ashley Hlebinsky about the history of firearms, firearm mechanics, and firearm legislation. The current Congress is already moving on several different pieces of legislation to ban “assault weapons” and to expand background checks.

This type of legislation is not new but according to Hlebinsky what is new is using functionality or characteristics to legislate. “Since 1934, legislation has focused more on the function of the weapon. Even though most of these functions go back in some cases 200 years.”… “Prior to 1934 the legislation was focused more on the race of who couldn’t own guns.”

And when focused on the types of weapons the military uses she stresses that the military is generally behind the public historically. “The military is always behind. So you have better firearms on the civilian market but recently it’s kind of flip flopped…. and it always is that military surplus gets put back onto the civilian market.”

With veterans being percentage-wise one of the most armed demographics in the country Veteran Nation will keep bringing you information on the always changing gun laws and court cases. Watch our full show video below:

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M.T. Arthur
M.T. Arthur
Michael Arthur is a writer and "Veteran Nation" show host for NRN. He's an Afghanistan Veteran and Marine Corps enlisted-to-officer mustang. After leaving active duty 2015, Arthur has remained active in several veterans organizations in his local community.