Deliverance Is Often Right Around The Corner

In the current year, for conservative Christians and those who seek to preserve a lifestyle centered around traditional values, things seem pretty bleak. Families are at the whim of government authorities who enforce gender transitions against the will of the parents. The progressive push left has seemingly accelerated past the point of no return. Conservative stances such as a traditional marriage are no longer tolerated. Outward expressions of Christianity are tolerated, only so long as it is “open and accepting,” that is, in line with the current politics of the left. Attending a church service at this point won’t quite get you cancelled, but espousing opposition to the core “values” of the progressive dystopia certainly will.  

Don’t believe me? Try tweeting the church’s ancient teaching on same-sex marriage or gender and see what happens. You’re likely to lose access from the platform, be fired from your job, be ostracized from polite society, and you could even be “debunked” if you’re considered enough of a threat to the system. Lauren Witzke, former candidate for US Senate, was permanently banned from Twitter for tweeting “Demonic” in response to a post promoting pedophilia. The right to gather for worship has been deemed non-essential in relation to COVID-19 lockdown measures. Many worshippers are subject to potential fines and even arrest for violating them. Corporations punish conservatives as well in other ways, such as banning them with a scarlet letter from using payment processors, or by boycotting an entire city for law changes designed to prevent voter fraud.  

Far-Reaching Effects

Of course, this behavior applies to a plethora of opinions and stances. If you oppose anything that the globalist establishment has on their agenda, the weight of the system will come crashing down on you. For many staunch, uncompromising conservatives and Christians, the future looks grim. However, when taking a historical view of other societies that persecuted Christians, when there seemed to be no hope, a miraculous deliverance was just around the corner.  

The left enjoys mocking Christians about this now, often saying that Christians have a “persecution” complex. The fact is, the church has been persecuted from the very onset. The earliest Christians were heavily persecuted by the Pharisees, most notably from Saul: “As for Saul, he made havoc of the church, entering every house, and dragging off men and women, committing them to prison” (Acts 8:3) “Then Saul, still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest and asked letters from him to the synagogues of Damascus, so that if he found any who were of the Way, whether men or women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem” (Acts 9:1-2)  

What a terrifying existence for a fledgling and new community of believers, and one must wonder how much hope they had in the future. Little did they know that the very man arresting and murdering them, Saul, would become the Apostle Paul and spread the faith to the Gentiles! During the worst of their troubles, hope was right around the corner.  

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Centuries of Persecution

Over the course of the next 300 years following the Apostles, the church would suffer periodic waves of persecution and suppression in the Roman Empire. It reached a boiling climax in 302 AD under Diocletian, for refusing to follow his order to sacrifice in the name of the emperor. Christian literature was destroyed and countless of the faithful were murdered. Just as many so-called Christians today capitulate and adjust their teachings to satiate the secular mob and regime, many Christians submitted to the imperial will. But on the other hand, during this time many martyrs and saints resisted the regime and paved the way forward. It is unlikely that any of them could have predicted that their deliverance would come just a few years later with the crowning of St. Constantine in 305 AD, and his conversion in 312 AD. Not only would the persecution of the Christians come to an end in the Empire, but nearly the entirety of the Empire was baptized into Christ, playing a symbiotic role with the State until the 15th century.  

The 20th century was a bloodbath as the three competing behemoth systems of government battled for supremacy, but it was especially cruel to Christians in Russia. The Soviet Union was founded upon a revolution that hated God. The Bolsheviks viewed Christianity as a threat to people’s necessary allegiance to the atheist state. The Bolsheviks wasted no time. In 1917, over 12,000 clergymen were murdered, and an estimated 40,000 from this time died later in labor camps. Church property was confiscated, religion removed from the schools, and all dissent was violently suppressed as “counter revolutionary.” During World War 2, there was a brief relaxation of this treatment, as Joseph Stalin felt it necessary to unite the Country in the war efforts. However, it wasn’t permanent.

Looking Forward

This behavior continued until the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The death toll estimates of Christians and other dissidents are staggering, with most estimates over 40 million. Yet during this time many Saints resisted and preserved the church. Now the church of The Resurrection of Christ And The New Martyrs And Confessors of The Russian Church stands on the very location of the former KGB headquarters where Christians were murdered. The church has made a resounding comeback in Russia, though sadly it seems that the same anti-Christian sentiments have made their way here to the United States. This may explain the continued tension between our two countries. It is quite the reversal of roles, to say the least.  

And so here we are today, again as Christians fighting what seems to be an uphill battle against an impenetrable enemy. A shallow and twisted version of our faith is tolerated, but our traditional dogma and teachings are not. The globalist regime is even going so far as to undermine and replace us in our traditional homelands with forced demographic change. The very foundation of our society – the family – is being attacked with the radical LGBTQ agenda. The establishment, Deep State, and corporate America have teamed up to ensure that we cannot live normal lives without capitulating. Like our Christian ancestors of the past, we must continue to resist. Never compromise and never lose faith. Be a rebel, get married and have kids. As the great Rep. Steve King once said, “We can do this with our babies.” The future is impossible to predict. It is difficult to know exactly how things will play out. But one thing is certain, something’s got to give, and that something might just be around the corner.  

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Michael Sisco
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