Apparitions of Independence: Where Do Our Rights Over Our Own Bodies End?

Shall Not Be Violated

“The right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…” 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution

As Americans, sometimes we forget that the Constitution is as much a social contract as it is a binding document on the government of the United States. While many make the argument that our rights are under attack, there is a strong argument present that the social contract of the United States is also under attack. As Americans, we have the right to be free from government oppression and this idea is sacrosanct in our nation. However, we often forget that our rights are God-given, not state-given. This means that others in society are prohibited from infringing upon our rights. The government does not have the power to directly infringe upon our rights, but it also does not have the power to “indirectly” force others to infringe upon our rights.

COVID has been a bastardization of our country. Republics fail in times of fear as the people who are not committed to the republic turn to the government for leadership rather than representation. When you have a system of government based on a popularity contest, this does not provide leaders. Rather, it provides layabouts, crooks, and cheats who are willing to do what they need to take power. Our system is no different. Ever since the imposition of the direct election of senators, the United States has steadily taken away people’s rights across the country. COVID has simply been a tool to escalate that power grab.

“Our Bodies”

The human body is an interesting thing. We are, in essence, bags of water held up by bones and steered by a soul. As members of the animal kingdom, we have self awareness, but lack the group mentality that makes ecological sustainability an imperative. We exist to consume for our own good, then we move on to another area. As champions of our own stories, we tend to look past the needs of others to our own current need. This leads to massive destruction and corruption of the community.

On the opposite side of the coin, we have a tendency to fall into mob rule or democracy, for lack of a better term. As long as our individual needs and desires are met, we are perfectly fine pushing through the crowd to force our wills on others. We like being nameless in the crowd but the star of our own story. It is an interesting dynamic. However, the dynamic breaks down when one within the community directs the mob to goals contrary to their own. However, the mob is so invested in itself that the individuals are afraid to stand up for themselves. We call this state of affairs “Society.”

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One of the main reasons for the Constitution, the guiding document of our society, is to dictate the limits of the mob. In most cases, the mob is just an anachronism for the government. While we act as if our government has been standing for over 200 years, we should all realize that it is reformed every four years, with substantial changes every two. Yes, we have monoliths that have stood in place for decades, but the government and its goals are always changing. Outside the government mob, we have other mobs- the Military-Industrial Complex, the Media-industrial Complex, the Elites in Society, and the Clergy. These mobs have always been tangential to the government, and in all likelihood, always will be. We are the body, these are the systems in which we operate.

“Our” Bodies

Beyond the body politic, there are smaller bodies that represent us. The systems in which we live are much more local than they are national- even though the “complex systems” try to keep us focused on the pinnacle of the power structure. Our power, as citizens, lies in the structures in the community around us. Once again, it is misleading to think that the government is the only “body” within our sphere of influence. We have neighborhood groups, social groups, and work groups that all make up the bodies within our lives. hese are the day-to-day mechanisms that keep our communities moving while we are expected to consider the conflicts of gods and man.

It is in our community that we have more control than in our nation- but, in turn, it is in our communities that we effect the minutia of control that we each have on the nation. It is our actions within our community that dictate the message that is being sent to the representatives at the mob level. It is our actions within our community that tell the corporations, the media, and the military what the will of the people is. When we stand silent in this area, expecting our votes to be our only voice, we are silencing ourselves in the night of politics.

Violence against the innocent is a cowards tool, the tool of charlatans, hucksters, and politicians. How many people have died from fear of the COVID virus, the suicides, the starvations, the lack of self care? The virus is real and should be respected, but so should obesity, drunk driving, and sex trafficking. Yet, we do not see the type of response against these problems we saw against COVID. Why? Why do we not have a nation screaming for change. All of us know a person who has had health trouble from weight gain or a poor diet. Each of us know someone who drives drunk or has lost a loved one to a drunk driver. Even though we do not talk about it, we know that sex trafficking is a problem in our communities. Why are we reacting to a disease that killed 500,000 in our nation while we ignore problems costing millions of lives each year?

Our Bodies

When COVID began, we all had choices to make. Were we going to stay at home, wear our masks, or fight against common sense because we were free. People made each of these choices. Many will argue that the disease is still a problem because people did not follow the guidelines. They may be right. Many people will argue that our freedoms are in grave danger because of the people who willfully submitted to government hysteria. They are also likely right. In a free nation, people make their choices- and every single choice effects the society. We live in the surreal representation of the butterfly effect.

As COVID began, I wore my mask. I did not wear it in the way a professional trained in proper mask wearing would wear it, but I did my best. I did not do it because I was told to, free men and women rarely do things because they are told to. I wore my mask because I looked at the science, made and educated choice, and believed that it was the right choice for me. I also did not judge others for their choices, they are also free people. The only group that did raise my ire was the people who had the disease and traveled around knowing they were contagious- this is just disrespectful for others.

When I wrote on this topic, I wrote that stores had every right to ask you to wear a mask if you wanted to be in their store. This extended from the simple rule that if we do not have pants, we should not go into a store. Stores are private property, if they ask me to wear a mask, then I do it because if I ask someone to wear a mask in my home, I expect them to do it. You cannot be for personal liberty if your choice means that you get to ignore the choice of others. If you have a right over your body and property, so do they.

“Their” Bodies

One of the most challenging areas of living in a free republic is that our actions have consequences on others. Abortion “rights” are a great example of this. Regardless of what the courts say, no one has a right to an abortion. The reason for this is that the “abortion” is performed on a living human being inside another human being. The child in the womb is not of the age of reason and, thus, cannot make the choice to have the procedure. The parent, if you want to call them that, likewise has no ability to perform a procedure that will, in the end, take the life of another person. Nor do the doctor or society (the doctor because of their oath to do no harm, society because we cannot use lawful force on a child that has not been adjudicated guilty).

The key problem with abortion is the loss of a life. Regardless of semantics, someone dies. However, the penultimate problem within the “abortion right” debacle is the idea that one person may make choices over the bodies of other people because it effects them. Why? Similar to the idea that if one person offends another person, the offended party has a “right” to sue the offender. However, abortion presupposes that the mother has the right to end the life of the child because of actions which she herself took. This is a horrible state of affairs. Now this argument does open the door for the rape argument and that is a discussion that should be held; however, the idea that a person may end the life of another because of actions which they undertook, knowing full well that a life could be a consequence is a devastating representation of how far our nation has fallen.

However, because of a broken court- this is a recourse that is available to people. One of the reasons that this is available is because of the concept “my body, my choice.” Radical feminists have taken this concept, which has foundational problems, and applied it to the most extreme example possible. “My body houses another human body, therefore both bodies are under my control,” is simply and extension of the former, “my plantation houses other human bodies, therefore, I have control over all these bodies.” Slavers, abusers, and corrupt priests and politicians have used this argument since time immemorial to justify abuses-and each time society takes small steps to right the course.

Why Is This Relevant?

Why is this relevant? Because a woman can kill an unborn child within her womb, even though it is another (in some cases fully functional) person simply because it is in her body. Why are we not holding to the same standard. with the COVID vaccine. If a woman can kill a child based solely on the logic of “My Body, My Choice,” when we know that there is a very high chance of the child dying, then why can’t people choose not to receive the vaccine?

I know the common argument is that you “do not have to get the vaccine.” But is this true? The government has “eliminated” liability (which is unconstitutional) for pharmaceuticals and companies with issues that surround the vaccine. This means that some businesses (airlines) are requiring passengers show proof of having received the vaccines to fly. Now if the government told a company to do this, it would be unconstitutional. If an airline would require proof you did not have HIV, this would be illegal. Are we we are allowing this to pass merely because the country is in a panic?

Likewise, companies are requiring vaccinations to work there. Once again, if the government required this, then it would be unconstitutional. If a private company asked you to get the flu vaccine, then you have the right to refuse- but if you are an “at will” employee, they can terminate you. This area of law is poorly developed, and many challenges (especially coming from unions) are winning in court as medical records are private. Employers are forcing people to do something with their bodies beyond the contract; however, it is an area of law that has been widely developed. Employers can dictate what you do at work. Areas outside of work, unless it has a major effect on the company, have largely been beyond the scope of employment.

Is Self Preservation Selfish?

One of the prevailing arguments of the COVID crisis is “people who enforce their rights are selfish.” This is a valid argument until you look into it. Just as saying “the child is selfish for opposing the mother’s abortion” (the child is being aborted) is a logical fallacy, so, too, is the argument that people enforcing their own rights are selfish. Let’s look at a few extensions of this:

1.) It is selfish to go out during COVID because you are putting first responders in danger.

First of all, every time I have heard this argument, there is always someone who says “it is their job.” This is not a reply, this is an idiotic denigration. Nurses, doctors, and first responders did sign up for medical emergencies, but not of the type COVID created. COVID did expose that our hospitals around the country are under-prepared for major problems.

“It is selfish to go out during COVID because you are putting first responders in danger,” simply covers up that for-profit or “not-for-profit” hospitals have cut corners in budgeting for years because of HMOs, insurance companies and government interference. Hospitals should dictate medical prices, not bureaucrats. Once this problem is exposed, we realize that if nurses, doctors, and first responders had the support they needed the risk would be minimal.

2.) You are putting the elderly at risk.

If a person has a higher risk of death from the disease, then they should follow one of the CDC guidelines: stay at home. Does person A’s rights trump person B’s rights? No. However, when you have the ability to mitigate your own risk, then you should mitigate your own risk and not expect someone else to do it.

3.) Our system cannot handle the influx, flatten the curve.

More people died because of the flatten the curve policy than would have died otherwise. Because this is hypothetical, one cannot prove the statement. But the lengthening of the curve allowed more time for variants to develop. A quick death of large numbers of the population is a buffer for the virus. Death in large numbers over a period of time does not do this. Couple this with the suicides, murders, and starvation around the world. Elites made the wrong decision. Consider this along with the murder of people in nursing homes by Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and Florida, and you have a situation where we could have had much lower numbers in this country.


The COVID crisis pointed out a problem in our country, the government is using its agents (the complexes) to do its dirty work. This is an end around and completely illegal. As a nation, we need a Convention of States to bring the government back under control, reduce its size by 2/3rds and restore the republic. The rights of the individual should not be sacrificed because of the fear of the multitudes.

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