What’s in a Name? The War of Words

This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion
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The New Doublespeak

Trump supporters love our country. I don’t think it would surprise you to know that President Trump and those attending President Trump’s rally on January 6, 2020 were not the instigators of the storming of the Capitol. Yet, that is the excuse that is being used to attempt to permanently silence innocent patriots. It is all in how you label the target group.

The labels now being used to paint Trump supporters and Patriots that desire no more than to protect America and its constitutional foundation in a bad light are the labels that, not too long ago, were justifiably used to label those seeking to destroy it. Now, groups such as Antifa and BLM, who recently stormed Washington, D.C., are protected. The new administration and Democrat majority in Congress did not blame the left for creating those homegrown threatenings directed against civil society. The Isis-supporting attacker in Colorado and a man caught with multiple guns in Atlanta were virtually ignored because it does not fit the narrative that mainstream media and the new administration want to portray. Barely a word.

While church attendees in several states have either been arrested or services banned, under the new administration criminal rapists are permitted to remain in the country, avoiding deportation. Citizens are often refused travel to certain locations without a Coronavirus test while illegal immigrants are allowed to cross the border without regard for health related testing.

Why Close Churches?

The Great Reset globalists cannot fully indoctrinate the populace when they have sources of information that do not dovetail with the socialist authoritarian agenda. Faith in God gives adherents more than just faith to withstand the indoctrination onslaught. It gives them access to a God that can guide, lead and inspire them. Not easy indoctrination targets. But limiting news sources and communication between likeminded conservatives serves to cut the strengthening ties that unite them in their resistance to the almost overpowering intelligence war of words.

Victory in the War of Words

To win the war for the hearts and minds of the citizens of this nation, patriots must use the same tactics as the Ultra Left. Don’t let them label you with terminology such as ultra-right, etc. Patriots love this country and must win the war of words. We may fight by suing in court to keep them on their guard. But, as compromised as our legal system has become, we cannot solely depend on the courts. 

We must win the war of words, pointing out the acts of the ultra left and Democrats that seek to subvert this nation, truth and justice as they misappropriate the justice system and attack our constitutional rights by denying us our constitutional and God-given liberties under color of law.

We must form Citizen Grand Juries to bring those in office who undermine our Constitution to justice. The courts have utterly failed because they no longer serve the laws of this nation but rather vested interests. We must establish grounded media platforms that cannot be deplatformed as they will be sustained by a parallel system of computers not controlled by Big Tech. Additionally, Big Tech must be penalized for discrimination by the censoring of those whose political views differ with those of the company. Big Tech company controlling interests, to include all associations with intelligence sources and big money donors, must be exposed and litigated in a court stemming from Citizen Grand Jury determination.

Most of all, the untouchables, those who continue to flout the law and use their power to subvert the law, must be censured and tried in court. As Mark Levin noted, in fascistic regimes “they track down former heads of state”. That is what they did with President Trump during the sham impeachment process. They are already coming after you! Decry the hypocrisy and state the facts! Shatter the façade of supposed moral superiority of those who undermined the validity of an election: the Administrative Deep State and those bad actors in Congress and state and local government and their puppeteers: China, Iran and the like.

Courtesy Mark Levin on Rumble