Patriot Housewives: CPAC And Trump 2024

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Patriot Housewives is an NRN+ original podcast hosted by Rose Taylor and Rebecca Horvath. Aimed at addressing politics, life, and family, Patriot Housewives is hosted by two regular moms but made for everyday Americans. The issues facing Americans directly affect families. Moms, dads, children, aunts, uncles, and cousins alike are impacted by decisions made in our government. From healthcare to elections, the decisions made could impact families for generations.

It is more important now than ever for families to have a voice. On Patriot Housewives, two MAGA moms bring you on their journey of life, politics, and family. We discuss the important issues that families need to know about. Listen in as we tackle CPAC and Trump 2024!

President Donald Trump made his triumphant return to the spotlight this past weekend at CPAC. It was a speech for the ages, touching on everything from election integrity to the coronavirus vaccine Joe Biden thought we didn’t have. The Housewives also share ways each of us can get involved in the conservative cause ahead of midterms and the big race in 2024.

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Rebecca Horvath
Rebecca Horvath
Rebecca Horvath is an editor and writer for NRN. For nearly a decade, Horvath wrote a regular Community Voices column for the Johnson City Press, where she was known to ruffle a few feathers. In 2018, she began writing for the National Federation of Republican Women, interviewing and profiling candidates such as Sen. Martha McSally and Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith. Horvath also contributes to