Patriot Housewives: Biden Presser An Epic Fail

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Patriot Housewives is an NRN+ original podcast by Rose Taylor and Rebecca Horvath. Aimed at addressing politics, life, and family, Patriot Housewives is hosted by two regular moms but made for everyday Americans. 

This week, Rose and Rebecca dissect Joe Biden’s disastrous first press conference, which we crown “The least press conferencey press conference ever.” Biden had a cheat sheet with reporters’ photos and pre-planned questions and still managed to stumble miserably and lie profusely. He should take Rebecca’s advice: “If you’re going to lie, at least make it believable.” 

The border crisis should be center stage on every media outlet, but it’s being ignored. The Housewives break it down and ponder the reasons it’s so out of control: another wave of coronavirus to lock us down, a way to get more Democrat voters, or just a manifestation of Biden’s poor leadership? 

We talk about the importance of new legislation in several states requiring transgender students to compete in sports based on their gender at birth. We hope many more states will follow this example to protect girls’ chances at championships and scholarships. We also mourn the loss of author Beverly Cleary, scratch our heads at the week’s crazy headlines, and share some entertainment recommendations. 

On a lighter note, we wonder, “Are we supposed to feel sorry for Kamala Harris because she’s living out of a suitcase?” and we take some guesses about why she hasn’t yet moved into the Vice President’s mansion.

All this and much more on the newest episode of Patriot Housewives!

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Rebecca Horvath
Rebecca Horvath
Rebecca Horvath is an editor and writer for NRN. For nearly a decade, Horvath wrote a regular Community Voices column for the Johnson City Press, where she was known to ruffle a few feathers. In 2018, she began writing for the National Federation of Republican Women, interviewing and profiling candidates such as Sen. Martha McSally and Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith. Horvath also contributes to