The Coup Part Deux: What’s Happened Since the Capitol Hill Protests

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The weekend, former Governor of California (and former “Terminator”) Arnold Schwarzenegger compared the Capitol Hill protests to Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, before the rise of Nazi Germany. While his juxtaposition of the two events was poorly thought out, the message remained valid: this was a moment of deception, a moment that was, or at least that was just thought to be, a low for a nation. Even paling in comparison to the BLM riots which took place all summer, killed dozens, and assaulted federal and state employees and citizens across the country, this raid on Capitol Hill should be a wake-up call for Americans across the spectrum.

When is a Coup not a Coup

In “Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky states that someone should politicize an event, even if it not political. He goes on to suggest that when there is not a political event to work with, create one. This is what happened on Capitol Hill. Though we do not know who created the event, whether it was the President, the Speaker of the House, or simply Capitol Police who let people into the building, someone wanted those people into the building.

If you watch the hours of video available on the “break in,” you see that select people were let into the doors by police. The genius mobs who “overpowered” the Capitol Police included people in powered wheelchairs, people with walkers, and even a woman with no legs. The masterminds were a man dressed up in a buffalo costume, a woman who held up the “Black Power” fist as she posed for photos behind the Speakers podium, and a man who was dumb enough to take his photo sitting at the Speaker of the House’s desk. This was not a mob, but someone’s vision of what a mob would look like.

As for the parties, time will tell who was involved in the raid. People on the left are screaming that it was completely a group of Trump devotees. People on the right are echoing back that it was all staged by ANTIFA. Allegedly, there are emails from Congress members to ANTIFA leaders coordinating the raid; however, the information that we have gotten in the last week has been so distorted and censored that we only have what “they” want us to have – and we do not even know who “they” are.

Usurpation of Power

Both extremes have called for the usurpation of lawful power during the previous weeks. The Vice President does not have the power to overturn an election, it is not there in the Constitution – the best he could have done was hold out for a commission as per Ted Cruz’s request, but the “riot” killed any chance of that.

On the other side of the aisle, Nancy Pelosi does not have the power to unilaterally remove the President. Her attempts to end around the 25th Amendment were illegal. Her orders to the military to remove the nuclear codes from the President were illegal. Even the new impeachment attempt is a blatant abuse of power (it would have been legitimate if the trial were to be held this week; however, delaying it until April 15th, assuming that they have the votes to impeach, is simply political theater).

Congress, and Washington in general, has forgotten the Constitution is their guiding document. The Supreme Court was required to hear the case on the election challenges (though they were not required to rule in favor of the President), but they chose not to. The framers left a gap in the Constitution that has been a gap in every Constitution since the dawn of the first Republic: who should be the one guarding the guardians? We know now that the guardians of the democratic republic of the United States of America are more akin to inmates running the asylum than they are stalwarts of freedom.

Impeachment Part II

Why? Why is it necessary to attempt an impeachment of a president who has 11 days remaining in office, especially when the leader of the lynch mob has already said that, if impeached, the trial will not begin in the Senate until April? There is no election coming, so there is not political reason. There is no “mandate of the people;” with the exception of the White House, the Democrats were slaughtered across the nation in the recent election. Why do this?

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The common reason many are stating is so that Donald J. Trump does not run again in the future. President Trump will be 78 years old in 2024, hardly the spring chicken that would run again for president. While many of his followers will undoubtedly want him to, he was the catalyst for change, not a messiah.

The best argument for impeachment is for the history books. Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker of the House has been one of the greatest failures of a House Speaker in history. She oversaw the attacks on COVID mitigation, which hindsight suggests could have saved thousands of lives if we had banned travel from China. She oversaw one of the greatest resets in the United States economy in history. But the most humiliating defeat of her embarrassing tenure, so far, was the failed impeachment. Pelosi and her ilk promised that they would finally convict a Republican president of collusion with other countries, but all the evidence showed was that it was the Democrats with their hand in the cookie jar. She is just the same as a 40 year old man wearing his letter jacket around town, reminiscing about his glory days of high school. Pelosi’s best years have passed her by; she is a remnant of an age that should be forgotten – hopefully, she can bow out gracefully.

Big Tech Censorship

The real coup was not on Capitol Hill, the real coup was what caused Capitol Hill. If you look at the past three years, you can see a symphony of destruction amidst the cacophony of chaos. The Area 51 raids, the BLM riots, they all culminated on the Capitol Hill protest. Hosted and orchestrated by the media industrial complex.

If stopping violence was so important, then why did we not see the accounts of those calling for the raid of federal property shut down for the Area 51 raid? This was a raid that we knew would get violent; the tag line was “They can’t shoot us all.” But Big Tech allowed this to happen; luckily only a few idiots actually tried and the government could deal with them without death.

If stopping violence was so important, why didn’t Twitter and Facebook shut down the accounts of the Senators and Congress members supporting the BLM Riots? In the CHAZ/CHOP zone alone, people were killed and people were raped. The numbers, when compared to Capitol Hill, are showing that if there was privilege, as some claim, that it was not focused on one race, but rather on ideology. Talking heads and celebrities raided funds to pay bail for murderers, rapists and looters, yet if you try to raise funds for Capitol Hill protestors, your account is banned.

Finally, banning speech after the event is like putting the condom on after sex. The bun is in the oven and the realization that Congress does not care about the people is already out. Banning conservatives on social media platforms is a demonstration that the media and Big Tech have created a “fragmented” monopoly. A monopoly is not just one company controlling everything – it can also be when companies work together to control the market. Those who were silenced, those who were a voice, even if a voice of insanity, should be suing not because their free speech was violated but because their access to the market was denied by an illegal monopoly formed by years of anti-competitive practices.


There are no citations in this article because the news over the last week has become a farce. Some would say that we lost the productive news system years ago. Now, believe what you have seen with your own eyes, even then the videos are being manipulated. Ask yourself, do you believe the election was just? Do you believe that your country is representing you and your community? If not, protests never fix anything.

Run for local office. Run for state office. If you have the ability, then run for federal office. To break the system, you have to use the system. Voter fraud can only target so many targets – a few senate seats and the presidential election. We still post the election results on the door of the polling place. If your results do not line up with what is being reported, make noise about it. The republic is not dying because of corruption, it is dying because we have become a nation who believes that crying about something will get it fixed. Grow up and fix it yourself!

Run for office. Get involved. Fill the courts with legitimate lawsuits against municipalities, states, and officials that are using their office for personal gain. Do what you need to do outside the reach of Big Tech, do it legally and do it with your community. If everyone waits for someone else to change the world, you will not like the change that comes from others.

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