NRN+ Reader’s Club Book Review: The Quotable Joe by Katherine Rodriguez

A collection of Sleepy Joe Gaffes

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Reading Breitbart reporter Katherine Rodriguez’s brilliant depository of Sleepy Joe’s infamous gaffes is simultaneously a hysterical and terrifying experience with a troubling conclusion. This man will most likely be the next President of the United Malarkey of Pony Soldiers.

For 47 years and counting, former Vice-President and – as of this writing – President-Elect Joe Biden has reminded us plebeians that the pursuit of the highest political office does not require formidable oratory skills, eloquence or intellectual prowess. From calling African American children “roaches” to decades of inappropriate behavior with women, Biden’s penchant for gaffes should be described the same way he described to President Obama on a hot microphone the passing of the Affordable Care Act: a big f*****g deal. Not surprisingly the mainstream media alongside with the corrupted D.C establishment swamp has not bothered to confront decades of grotesque Freudian  Bidenian slips the same way they pestered President Trump in the past four years.

Remember when President Trump’s hilarious “covfefe” tweet caused a total media meltdown? Somehow over four decades of Biden’s brain-farts have not raised any dismay in the oh-so-objective journalistic world. Perhaps the mainstream media is nonchalant because Biden’s hired public relations guns manage to spin the nation’s attention towards other trivial topics. Nevertheless, Biden’s press aides deserve our respect because issuing endless clarifications, corrections and spins every time he opens his mouth is a dirty job even Mike Rowe could not handle.

How Has Joe Biden Survived in Politics This Long?

Although relatively short book (76 pages), the shock value from the content makes the reader stop several times to ponder how in the world has Joe Biden survived in politics this long. Rodriguez brilliantly hammers this reality down by dividing the book to four different sections, which show that  Biden is not only a racist, sexist, liar demagogue with a horrid and entitled taste for power. He is also dangerously demented man whose return to the White House should terrify all of us. With its 26 pages of citations, this book makes a bullet-proof case that Joe Biden’s so-called leadership of unity – sanctioned by the lamestream media – will be based quite frankly on idiotic statecraft.

While reading through Joe Biden’s intellectual and verbal blunders, it is difficult to visualize him as a credible leader or master of statecraft. But what is the difference between leadership and statecraft? Leadership is about how well a specific vision is communicated to the masses, whereas statecraft is not about communication, but rather defines how to practically achieve and execute that vision. For example, Barack Obama might have been a dazzling (and deceiving, thank you very much) communicator of a vision, but his statecraft was inefficient despite having favorable impact from cultural elites and the journalistic profession. In contrast President Donald Trump might not have been an effective communicator, but as his book “Art of the Deal” suggests he mastered statecraft. Sleepy Joe on the other hand cannot tell from statecraft from Minecraft or visionary leadership from vinegary tortilla chip.

In 1987 Biden told reporters that “I’ve done dumb things. And I’ll do dumb things again.” Isn’t that a lovely future for the United States of America? Let us hope President Joe Biden at least learns how to say the United States of America out loud in the next four years. Watch the full interview in the video below:

Henri Erti
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