Voter Fraud Takes Center Stage In Election Results

When Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden said on camera that Democrats had built, “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” it was quickly dismissed as yet another gaffe.

But after significant voter count disparities followed an apparently large election night lead by incumbent President Donald Trump, new allegations and concerns have returned Biden’s remarkable statement back to the forefront of many voters’ minds.

Among allegations of voter fraud is Retired Lt. General Tom McInerney, a decorated former advisor to top Washington officials.

According to McInerney, a CIA program called “Scorecard” allows secret operatives to intercept data transfers between local polling stations and the state or federal data centers that collect them. The hacked polling numbers are then reportedly changed to reflect the desired outcome, limited up to approximately 3% as to prevent appearing excessively obvious to election workers.

As American polling organizations noted a margin of error prior the election at 3%, allegations that up to 3% of votes could be doctored by undercover operations, such as Scorecard, are necessary to consider. Additionally, as polls have shown to be wildly inaccurate from nearly all actually observed election outcomes, intense scrutiny on the entire process seems merited.

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CIA Interference

While the idea of CIA operatives changing the election may appear superficially preposterous to some, the CIA has been well-documented as grossly affecting elections in other countries. The Washington Post noted clear interference in Iran (1953), the Democratic Republic of Congo (1961), and Chile (1973), and referenced many others.

While more recent elections are likely being affected by the CIA, documents remain classified and unreleased. There is also no evidence to support that the CIA would abruptly change tactics, at least towards other countries.

The question remains if the CIA would be willing to affect American elections, the country the CIA is sworn to serve.

In 2016, allegations by Democrats that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia to interfere were shown as patently false, as evidenced by the Mueller Report. Now in 2020, it appears that Russian interference is in fact unnecessary, as social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been patently demonstrated to affect elections without direction from foreign entities. 

Big Tech

This unprecedented phenomenon has been heavily documented during the black-listing of the New York Post’s report of scandal within the Biden Family. Tech CEOs admitted to, as well as defended, the practice of curating their platforms during a recent hearing in the US Senate, in which Twitter regularly allows Holocaust denial on its platform, but locked out the White House Press Secretary’s account over the NY Post story.

If Big Tech is willing to affect American elections for the sake of their own interests, it no longer appears far-fetched that the CIA would be willing to do the same. Particularly with a large body of evidence that the interference would be technically possible (changing election counts via broadband tap would be theoretically straightforward to do), and that the CIA has a well-documented history of affecting elections around the world, McInerney’s allegation seems less far-fetched.

Combined with Biden’s remarkably clear statement celebrating his own voter fraud organization, Americans must seriously consider the terrifying possibility of widespread election tampering, committed by its own citizens.

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