Trump: The Energized Candidate

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No Tricks, Just Treats in Reading

President Donald J. Trump has been hitting the 2020 campaign trail non-stop by hosting Keep America Great rallies at rural airports, which has granted the President a tremendous advantage in getting out before the public and his supporters among the battleground states. And in some states like Pennsylvania, President Trump has appeared at three individual rallies in a single day.

Trump was buoyant and sounded strong. He boasted voters like $2 a gallon gasoline, about his second term prescription to cut taxes, cut regulations, and his recent Nobel Prize nominations. Oddly enough, everybody must endure one more hour of this intolerable year of 2020 by having to turn our clocks back one hour on Sunday. Let’s hope these 60 minutes empower Trump toward an electoral victory.

Now if you factor in the fact that the President had contracted the Wuhan virus earlier in October at 74 years of age and was able to recover as quickly as he did, Trump has demonstrated that his constitution and stamina are down right amazing. Come on man! You cannot deny that Trump is fit and ready to assume presidential duties for a second term after Inauguration Day in January 2021.

Team Trump dresses up as Deplorables on Halloween

Tabitha Good, 38 from Myerstown, considers Freedom, Liberty, the Constitution and the right to life of the unborn to be her top priorities in this campaign. She feels that the ballot extension, “Is a complete tearing down of elections and it undermines the integrity of our elections and I think it will go to the Supreme Court and Pennsylvania will end up being the key state in the election.” She also stated, “Trump struck down funding Planned Parenthood outside the USA, and was the first President to address March for Life in DC.”

Nick Cuadrado, 39 from Philadelphia appreciates Trump actions toward minority communities and a booming an economy. “I Like that he is straight forward and not a politician, not at all,” he remarked. Cuadrado feels, “The ballot extension invites fraud.” He wants Trump to introduce a medical plan in his second term to replace Obamacare, “Cause it’s horrible.” He commented, “The dems all lie. Harris even called Biden a racist and now calls Trump a racist.”

Ed Goyco, 74 of Reading, is here for the Trump Rally and is a Trump supporter who supports his inner-city policies to help minorities with the stimulus legislation and economic zones. “Portland bothers me very much. We need law and order and I hope Trump will call in the militia, he mentioned. “We hafta win back the House, get the economy going again and open up the economy – people gotta get back to work.”

Goyco, of Puerto Rican heritage, served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam from `68 to `69 in the 101st Airborne. He voiced his concern regarding the ballot extension that, “The Pennsylvanian legislature has to abide by the federal election laws, and I just hope the GOP legislators will bring this to the U.S. Supreme Court. I’m very happy with Barrett. We need a person who will interpret the Constitution as it is written.

Maria Iallaci, 52, Riverdale, MD, thought, “Trump was amazing, he had a lot of energy and he genuinely loves our country. I really, really liked his nomination and appointment of Barrett on the Supreme Court. He is the most recent president in history who has not engaged in warfare, and I like all of the new trade agreements he has negotiated.

We need a president who will be tough on China, protect our technology and intellectual property, and support Taiwan’s Independence. Biden is alleged to have pocketed inducements from the communists, which is the character of a traitor.”

First Time Voters for Trump

Stephanie Moyer, 26 from Reading, is a first-time voter who started paying more attention to politics recognizing the corruption and wanting to have a say in elections. “My concern is preventing the USA from becoming a socialist nation. I’m glad that we have a conservative woman on the court. I feel that women do not have as clear a voice in the conservative movement.” She concluded, “We must keep our country free and keep building our economy.”

Jim Phelan, 18 from Villanova, started following politics since Trump got elected. “The core of my fundamental beliefs is for the greatest country in the world founded in 1776. Biden and Harris are not willing to say if they will not pack the court. AOC supports packing the court,” voicing concern. He added, “I’m a huge fan of Barrett. I’m a fan for everything she is about.” Phelan is pleased with the military budget, Middle East policies, rescinding the Iran deal, and a new Supreme Court seat.

Rod Moyer, 58 from Reading, is a first-time voter who does not want that idiot Biden. “I’m a steel worker for over 30 years and there ain’t no way he’s gonna ban fracking. I don’t wanna deal with China making them rich and making us poor. Kick China outta here completely,” were his sentiments. Moyer wants to, “Finish building the Wall to ensure our border is closed, make China pay for the virus, and it’s time to reopen our economy.”

Bright Red verses Dark Blue

Every presidential election cycle, voices in the media will cry that this year is the most important presidential election ever in America’s history. The USA is quite lucky to have a dual-party system rather than a single party or multi-party political system. People bemoan this fact, but it helps to clarify the differences between the two major party candidates. And in 2020, the choice between these two men are as sharp as they can be.

Trump has said from his campaign days in 2016 that his desire was to return financial prosperity to Americans, enhance the economy to out-perform its sluggishness from the previous do-nothing administration, and stimulate an environment that would induce new manufacturing jobs. Trump is an outsider and continues to be a target on all sides from those who prefer business as usual.

Biden, on the other hand, is the ultimate insider candidate who has sought the presidency in 1988, 2008 and now again in 2020. Uncle Joe began his political career as a councilman on the New Castle County Council in 1970. This is a fifty-year career in American politics. Yet, it was proven that he has plagiarized a handful of other politicians when attempting to advance himself. So much for originality of thought.

The Reading Rally was one of Trump’s lager outdoor assemblies, possibly topping close to 10,000 Team Trump supporters. More attendants were visibly wearing masks. Trump teased Biden as the suspected Big Guy syphoning off secreted percentages from alleged dirty deals. With his campaign rallies shattering attendance records, Trump predicts a Red Wave is forthcoming next week on Election Day. Remember folks, Trump needs your early vote, your mail-in ballot vote, your absentee ballot vote, and to vote Trump * Pence in person on Election Day.

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