Trump Stumps in Scranton

Trump Challenges Biden in Scranton

President Donald J. Trump directly challenged lifelong Delaware resident Joe Biden by hosting an enthusiastic capacity crowd rally where he considers Scranton to be his home of birth. Trump flew in on Air Force One, which is an impressive sight and walked right on stage to commence his speech bursting with humor, facts and figures, self-deprecation, and a personal request for citizens to vote for his candidacy on Election Day 2020.

The American media remains silent on the fact that it has not been pointed out that it is both cruel and unconscionable to nominate a 77-year-old man for the presidency who suffered two aneurisms in 1988, for the most important elective office in the free world. Biden’s malapropisms are as sad as they are funny. Biden said he was running for Senate, he was running against George, and too many other brain-freeze moments captured on film for everybody to see for themselves.

The Trump campaign rallies feature a humorous video montage of campaign clips of Biden out on the campaign trial, on stage in debate, talking randomly into media microphones, speaking during televised interviews, talking at town hall meetings, and other wonderfully delightful moments where Biden botches what he is struggling to say. You can’t make this stuff up!

Greeting his loyal supporters in Avoca, President Trump said, “This does not look like a second-place finish,” at which the crowd erupted in euphoric cheering and rapturous applause. Viewing election night returns could resemble a Twilight Zone episode. Whether Trump is up in Pennsylvania or Trump is down, this contentious mail-in ballot controversy is going to end up haunting the nation as ballot challenges are surely going to emerge and cause tremendous rancor and recrimination if these ballyhooed ballots end up being on the docket of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Poke the Tail of the Donkey

Skylar Chuang, 32 from New Brunswick, NJ, stated he was, “A lifelong democrat all my life until six months ago. I started to do my research during the pandemic and I realized the main steam media has been lying to us about everything. I like how President Trump attacks the critical race theory. As a minority, I find this offensive. I realized I was living in a bubble until President Trump freed me.” Chuang’s chief concern is education, “Installing normal education in our school systems is important.

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Richard Holmes, 35 from Philadelphia, converted to Islam when he was 16 in 2001. He, “Thinks Trump has taken the cover off politics and allows people to see things as they are. Trump is a disruptor and unapologetic. I want my people free and to release themselves from the democrat party.” Trump should continue with the Peace process in the Middle East, return the economy to where it was before the pandemic, and continue to reach out to minority communities.”

Jessica DeSilva, 37 from Covington, has supported Trump since 2015. She doesn’t want war, what she wants is peace, America First, and healthcare reform. She feels America had given more to our allies then those governments run us down. She confirmed, “Barrett is ok in my book. I look to know more.”

A middle-aged woman took it upon herself to park her mother in a wheelchair to the side of the media pen and began to berate them incessantly. She called them despicable and criticized them for their atrocious behavior in deceiving the American public with fake news. She became so disruptive that eventually police had to escort her away from the media pen.

First Time Voters for Trump

Andrew Herl, 18 from Scranton, is a first-time voter who feels Trump’s doing a lot of things for our country, opening up jobs, and is respectful of veterans. He wants the President to bring the economy back, eradicate the virus, and build the Wall. Herl is disturbed by the Pennsylvania ruling that allows for mail-in ballots to arrive unpostmarked 72 hours after the election deadline.

Caden Delaney, 18 from Scranton, has been a fan of Trump since 2016. He is concerned that democrats wanna defund the police. Delaney looks toward Trump ending the Coronavirus, stopping rioters, and Making America Peaceful Again.

Shelley Mol, 19 from Rockaway, NJ, is a fire fighter who travelled with a female companion to attend the Avoca rally. She is pro-life and already voted via a mail-in ballot. “I prefer the president’s policies over personality. I think Barrett is a very wise woman. She’s respectful to others like the hearings.”

Americanism verses Socialism

“To beat the virus, we must first beat Donald Trump”
Democrat nominee Joe Biden

Every presidential election cycle, voices in the media will cry that this year is the most important election in a lifetime or ever in the history of our Republic. Well, the stakes are exceedingly high in 2020. American voters must decide if they wish to embrace Liberty and open up our economy once again or choose to reject capitalism, raise taxes once again and curtail our Constitutional freedoms to satisfy the extreme left in their quest to rebrand their view of equality and censorship.

The quote above is an actual quote from candidate Biden. It was broadcast on Foxx radio. This is telling: Biden is almost admitting that the fear of this Wuhan pandemic and the repeated warnings that the virus could return and spread further infection could all end up being just a scare tactic to frighten people into voting against Trump and in favor of Biden in hiding.

The United States of America are at a crossroads. July 4, 1976 was only 44 years ago. We could wager on whether there will be Independence celebrations hosted on July 4, 2076. Our government, our culture, our economy, our way of life and our Bill of Rights are all under assault from the left. Now a presidential election is being cast into doubt to undermine faith in our electoral process and elected officials.

If Trump ultimately ends up sacrificing his presidency and the GOP majority in the U.S. Senate after having appointed his third Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, then please consider this an exceedingly noble act as Justice Barrett will play a large role in his legislative legacy by preserving Liberty and protecting Freedom in future decisions that impact the lives of all Americans for generations to come.

President Trump displays a supersized banner at his rallies: The Best Is Yet To Come. Throughout his speeches, Trump prattles off a laundry list of the accomplishments by his Administration in his first term. Trump then outlines in detail what his bucket list of endeavors are in pursuit of a second term. The President is focused and fired up to launch new policies and arm himself to battle his detractors as he charts an effective course of action to commence on January 20, 2021.

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