Tracking the Election Fraud

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Audit Needed to Track Complicit Software Companies

In order to counter the rampant election fraud occurring at an alarming rate, an audit of the votes and methods of collecting ballots must be conducted. A recount would likely only yield the same fraudulent results. The tracking and separation of valid ballots from software-manipulated votes, dead voters, and illegal votes must occur! There has been information released regarding the Scorecard program used to manipulate votes, implemented by The Hammer, the CIA computer as related by Lt. General McInerney.

It seems the CIA is not the only source of software-conducted manipulation of votes. There is also a software company, Dominion Voting, that has apparently been used to commit election fraud in states in which the software was used. As noted on Twitter by Bruce Porter, “They appear to be used in 28 US states including Georgia, Arizona, Nevada.” Other states appear to have also used the software, states in which votes for President Trump were superseded by late votes for Biden.

It is not clear whether Dominion Voting software was used in voting irregularities in Michigan. Thirty-three counties use software that incorrectly tabulated votes there. According to The Western Journal, only two votes were counted for a certain Republican candidate, Representative Jack Bergman. This is a verifiably false count as more than two voters are known to have voted for the candidate. According to WPBN-TV, Antrim County Michigan County Clerk Sheryl Guy said “…the vote totals on printed tabulator tapes and totals counted by the election software did not match.”

As it stands, a mere recount or revote on the same devices using software manipulation tactics would not be sufficient to overcome the excess in fraud implemented by the Democrats and their cronies. An audit and prosecution of the guilty parties is necessary to overcome the onslaught of Democrat and very Deep State insidiousness. American citizens should not throw in the towel in despair to only let the perpetrators of this fraud succeed in their perfidy. President Trump must fight the good fight lest our Country and all it was built on is lost!

If you are aware of election fraud that has occurred, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), led by attorney Jay Sekulow, has shared the information needed to contact officials to report the fraud. View the link here.