Potential Proof of Dead Voters in Michigan

Dead People Voting in Michigan

New information is being released suggesting dead people are voting. Yes, you heard that right, dead people may be casting their ballots in Michigan. In fact, this is not a small number of dead voters but rather a large amount. The links below are a laundry list of over 14,000 dead people who have voted in the state of Michigan, according to the Michigan voter information center’s website. These votes were cast and received in Wayne County, Michigan the county of Detroit and Michigan’s most populous county.

See list of potential dead voters here and here.

More Evidence of the Dead Voters in Michigan

In a Tweet posted by Twitter user @fleccas a man by the name of William Bradley who died in 1984 appeared to cast his ballot. This information is according to the Michigan voters information center’s website. The ballot was once again cast and received in Wayne County.


Michigan Becomes a Hot Spot of ‘Glitches’

Aside from the absurd amount of dead people voting in Michigan, a number of “glitches” have been reported in Michigan relating to the counting of the votes. The problem with these glitches? They only benefit one side. A Michigan county clerk discovered a glitch in the voting software that caused 6,000 votes cast for President Trump to be counted for Joe Biden. Moreover, 47 other counties in Michigan also use this same software.

Additionally, Republican Adam Kochenderfer, a county official in Michigan, conceded a race against Democrat Melanie Hartman after it was reported he lost. Later, it was reported a “glitch” caused him to be 100 votes short of winning the election against his opponent when he actually won by 1,100 votes. 

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Potential Dead Voters and Glitches Raise Concern

Naturally, this obviously raises a lot of concerns. Especially considering how tight the race in Michigan was before President Trump lost. Is it possible that President Trump lost as a result of a glitch in the voting software? This question is even more important when you consider that 48 out of the 83  counties in Michigan used potentially faulty voting software. 

Also, this raises concerns for other results in down-ballot races in Michigan including the United States Senate race between Republican John James and Democrat Gary Peters. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Michigan but will that be enough? It’s possible, but it seems that the only way to really assure all these votes are legal and authentic would have to be a recount. The Trump campaign already requested a recount in the state of Wisconsin and it is beginning to look like there will also be recounts in the States of Georgia and Pennsylvania. Michigan may very well follow suit.

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