Eyebrows Raised in Michigan: Electoral Race Suddenly Strongly Favors Democrats

Late Night Election Changes Raise Concern in Michigan

On Election Night 2020, when the polls closed at 8:00 PM in Michigan it seemed as though President Donald Trump and Republican candidate for the United States Senate John James were in the lead in Michigan. In fact, Joe Biden did not take the lead in Michigan once. 

Both Republicans were winning by a considerable margin. However, all of a sudden in the early morning of November fourth, the vote drastically changed in the Democrats favor leading CNN amongst many other networks to declare Joe Biden the winner of Michigan and even Wisconsin. 

Uncertainty Over Drastic Changes 

So, what caused this drastic change? Well, no one really knows. But there is reason to believe foul play may have been a factor in this. Today, Twitter user @letsroll21 sent a tweet saying,  “If these numbers are true there is no way you can call any of these states. You have to remove the unregistered voters. For all the races.” 

In addition, attached to the tweet was a chart showing votes from what appears to be unregistered voters in multiple states by the thousands. If this is true, this is extremely concerning and an existential threat to our Democratic process.

More Evidence of Potential Voter Fraud

President Donald Trump tweeted “Wow! It looks like Michigan has now found the ballots necessary to keep a wonderful young man, John James, out of the U.S. Senate. What a terrible thing is happening!” suggesting the ballots may not be real. 

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This led to the Trump campaign suing Michigan in an attempt to stop the counting. In an interview with Steven Crowder on “Louder with Crowder,” a lady accounts being at a vote counting place in Michigan and a video shows a man carrying, what appears to be, ballots out of a white van in coolers and red wagons with absolutely no one escorting or watching the man. Additionally, a separate video shows a man covering up windows at an absentee ballot counting center in Detroit with large sheets of what appears to be cardboard. 

These are just a few instances of what appear to be fraudulent activity. If all of this is true, which it is starting to look more and more like it is, it would be wise for Republicans on the ballot to pursue legal action and get to the bottom of what exactly is going on in Michigan and many of these other states.

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