The Election Fix is In – Michigan Ballot Dumps

Stealing the Election Part One

The year 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the strangest years on record. In an election year, we have faced a ‘plandemic,’ national lockdowns, an economic crisis (and subsequent rebound), and more. All of this was a precursor to what inevitably led to the biggest set up to steal a presidential election in the history of the United States of America.

With the threat of Covid being shoved down the populations’ throats on a routine basis, the enforcement of social distancing, masking, and quarantines, the call for widespread mail-in ballots was set. The left jumped aboard this train and pushed for people to vote now and vote early on a mail-in ballot. This call immediately alarmed President Trump who tweeted on May 26, 2020 “There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent.”

It appears that this foreshadowed the outcome of this election. On November 3, 2020, after massive amounts of mail-in ballots had been cast along with in person early votes, millions of people headed to their designated precincts to cast their vote. What we witnessed was an unprecedented about of ballots being cast. Along with this, we also witnessed many irregularities and unusual activity.

Election Night Chaos

As the polls began to close and precincts started reporting numbers, things seemed to be moving along smoothly. However, the night would prove to be anything but smooth. States were called for Joe Biden with zero percent of precincts reporting. States with obvious wins for President Trump were deemed “too close to call.” Then something happened that changed then entire night. Key swing states that showed the President with a solid lead stopped counting. We were told that we would not know the outcome of the election and to head to bed. Joe Biden came out at midnight and said that they “felt good about winning” with the President still widely ahead.

Around 2:20 AM on election night, President Trump gave remarks as well. He came out in seemingly good spirits, acknowledged that the numbers were currently in his favor and reassured his supporters that he would do whatever it took to ensure a fair and honest election. Many of us went to bed after that, thinking that it would be at the very least the next day before any further changes would be made.

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The Steal in Action – Ballot Dumps in Michigan

In the early hours of the morning on November 4, 2020, it appears that 138,339 ballots were tallied in favor of Joe Biden with 0 ballots in favor of President Trump. Watching the trending numbers of ballot tallies this ‘ballot dump’ caused a sharp vertical line in the trend and immediately closed the gap that favored President Trump. This is not only improbable, it is statistically impossible. The irregularity in Michigan, a key swing state for control of the highest office in this nation, should alarm everyone – no matter who you support. Voting irregularity points to voter fraud. According to Ballotpedia, Voter Fraud is defined as:

‘Electoral fraud is illegal interference with the process of an election. Electoral fraud can take different forms, including in-person voter fraud and fraudulent activity involving absentee or mail ballots, and can occur at different points of the election process, from registration to the tallying of ballots.’

Litigating the Election

The integrity of our electoral process is at stake. Whether or not there was, in fact, voter fraud occurring is something that will be litigated, as it should be. While Michigan is not the only state with irregularities and potentially criminal behavior, it stands out as being the only state so far with results that are statistically impossible.

This particular incident has caught the Presidents eye. At 10:34 AM EST President Trump tweeted “What is this all about?” with a quote tweet showing the irregularity. Many are noting that the election results will be challenged in court. Will litigation be enough to swing the election to the incumbent president? Time will tell. One thing is for certain, this election was anything but normal and will be talked about for years to come, regardless of the outcome.

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