Massive Legal Victory in Pennsylvania

President Trumps Campaign Scores Legal Victory in Pennsylvania

President Trump’s campaign and all-star legal team have been working overtime to protect the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. With the focus being on several key swing states, citizens have been waiting anxiously for any information regarding progress. This morning Senior Communications advisor Jason Millers announced that the Trump campaign received a “massive legal victory” in Pennsylvania.  

Reports of questionable activity along with potential voter fraud in many of these key swing states prompted legal action from the Trump campaign. Pennsylvania is a very important state in determining the winner of this race. There have been reports of poll watchers being pushed back 16 or sometimes as much as 100 feet from the ballot counting.

Poll Watchers are Vital

In this unprecedented election with a massive number of mail-in ballots, poll watchers have become a vital part of the process, even more than in previous elections. The reason for this is that mail-in ballots allow for widespread voter fraud to occur far more easily than ballots cast in person. Even the New York Times admits in an article from 2012 that fraud occurring with mail-in ballots is “vastly more prevalent than the in-person voting fraud that has attracted far more attention…”

Given that this year the push to vote by mail has extraordinarily increased, the case can be made that the potential for voter fraud has also increased. In a normal election cycle, poll watchers from both the republican and democrat parties are allowed to observe ballots that are being counted and contest ballots that do not meet criteria. However, this year many precincts did not afford that opportunity to poll waters and subsequently counted hundreds of thousands of ballots with no oversight.

This brings into question the purpose behind these actions. Why would ballot counters not allow poll watchers their legal right to observe? If there were no fraud occurring, why not allow transparency in the electoral process so that no questions could be raised? These actions are why the Trump campaign rightfully stepped in with legal action.

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Court Orders Observation by Poll Watchers

On November 5, 2020, Jason Miller announced a legal victory in Pennsylvania regarding observing these ballot counts. This legal victory comes in the form of a court order allowing all “candidates, watchers or candidate representatives to present for canvassing” and to be “effective immediately.”

As pointed out by Jason Miller himself, this is a game-changer. This allows for the oversight necessary to ensure that the massive number of mail-in ballots are counted correctly. All legal votes will be counted and contested ballots will be thrown out. There is a legal process for this for a reason. Count every vote does not mean to count every vote regardless of the postmark, signature, and address. This is just the first of many legal challenges that will follow this highly unusual election year.

UPDATE: Democrats Attempt to Block Court Order

After President Trumps campaign legally obtained a court order to be allowed into the ballot counting locations to observe the process democrats have now appealed to the Supreme Court to overrule this order. Moreover, the order they have is not being followed and they are still being kept out of the ballot counting area. Local law enforcement was called and the Sheriff declined to enforce the order.

Additionally, in a now deleted tweet from MSNBC’s Maura Barrett, a false claim that the Trump campaigns legally obtained order was overturned by the Supreme Court sparked rumors to be rampantly spread via social media. This situation is ongoing and rapidly developing.

New Right Network is following this story closely and will update this article with any further developments.

This article has been updated to reflect the changing and developing story. November 5, 2020 1:32 pm EST