Election Lawsuits Begin Monday In Pennsylvania

The Fight For Every Legal Vote is On as Lawsuits Begin

Lawsuits will be brought on Monday in Pennsylvania over ballot poll watchers uniformly deprived of their right to inspect any single part of the mail-in ballots, Rudy Giuliani announced in a press conference Saturday in Philadelphia.   

The president’s personal lawyer stated they will begin to file civil rights cases in federal courts on Monday to contest the validity of mail-in ballots.  According to Giuliani, numerous Republican poll watchers “were deprived of the right to inspect if a single one of those ballots is legitimate.”

Mail-In V. Absentee – The Battle of Valid Ballots

Giuliani stated repeatedly that mail-in ballots are treated differently in the process from absentee ballots where each party is shown the ballot for objection. With mail-in ballots, no such process exists.

Giuliani stated the issue will be presented to the courts beginning Monday due to the nature of the mail-in ballots in question. “That is unheard of, it’s illegal, it’s unconstitutional, and we will be bringing an action challenging that.”

“Networks Don’t Get to Decide Who Wins Elections, Courts Do.”

Rudy Giuliani as He Gears Up For Lawsuits Monday

Mail-in ballots have faced heavy criticism since they were first proposed & adopted earlier this year as a controversial measure to cope with Covid-19 pandemic fears.

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At this time, Giuliani and the Trump campaign continue to ask for people to contact them regarding election irregularities and voter fraud under the #StopTheSteal hashtag.


The MSM Machine Still Pushing Their Narrative

While ABC News also reported on this press conference archived here, they chose to omit the three eye-witness statements of Republican poll watchers present.  

Giuliani reported he has 50 others that he could bring forward but some are afraid after one such poll watcher received death threats after speaking out. The three poll watchers present at the conference detailed their own difficulties seeing, much less being able to inspect, ballots counted where they allowed to witness the counts at all

Absent from other coverage in the MSM currently are the irregularities highlighted by Giuliani during the conference which noted dead people voting in this election. Giuliani pointed out Joe Frazier, dead since 2011, voted this election and the father of actor Will Smith, voted twice since his death in 2016.

Corey Lewandowski also weighed in with one “valid example of what we believe to be voter fraud in the state of Pennsylvania.” In his example, Lewandowski reports on Denise Ondick in Allegheny County who died October 22, 2020. Still, her ballot was not received until Oct 23rd and received at the county office on Nov 2, 2020. Currently, the secretary of state website counts her as having voted, according to Lewandowski.


Networks Can Claim Anything – But Decide Nothing

During questioning, Giuliani continued to reiterate that the issue at hand is votes in Pennsylvania and other states were counted with no opportunity to inspect or even see them by Republican poll watchers.

In one sarcastic response, he also mocked a question asking about networks calling the election for Biden. “Oh, my goodness, All the networks! Wow! … we have to forget about the law…Judges don’t count…All the networks thought Biden was gonna win by 10%. Gee, what happened?

Don’t be ridiculous, Networks don’t get to decide elections. Courts Do.”

Giuliani maintained in this case the courts would find enough evidence to disqualify a certain number of ballots that were not properly inspected and should be taken out of the count – possibly affecting the election. 

The Sentiment Unheard and Unremarked

During the press conference, Rudy Giuliani made one statement that seemed to sum up the Trump Campaign’s stance on current 2020 election issues:

“I’m not attacking the people of Philadelphia, I’m attacking a decrepit Democratic machine which has a lot of other reasons to be attacked. It’s been around for 65 years, you keep electing the same people, the city gets no better, the crime goes way through the roof, the riots you have the police stand by and watch it, not because of the police, because you have a mayor that stands by and watch it, you got a district attorney that lets people go free, you are poorly served ladies and gentlemen of Philadelphia.”

As more stories come out about questionable vote counts, questionable voting machine programming and updates, as well as the mysterious resurrection of the dead to vote, it seems this statement was too narrow in its scope. The entire country seems to suffer from these questions at the hands of a Democratic machine that seems intent on fighting those seeking answers in court or elsewhere.

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