An Evening with the First Daughter

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Conga Lines Are Us

Ivanka Trump kept her capacity crowd waiting for 65 minutes. Trump spoke in a glass pavilion at Lancaster, PA, on Sunday, November 1, 2020. The seats inside were all arranged in order to recognize social distancing. The same address was announced over the intercom for people to comply in wearing their face masks and not to resituate their chairs closer together. After a while of continual repetition, it became like a mild mantra.

This function featured an invited DJ who incited the attending guests in the venue to begin to act up and act out as supporters began to grow restless. The DJ had begun to play popular audience participation songs. People utterly eschewed social distancing by dancing and joining together for conga lines. At one point three conga lines had formed inside as they snaked their way across the venue floor. The Secret Service did not intervene to stop the rowdy behavior.

Trump supporters just wanna have fun and the infectious music created a spontaneous combustion among those in the audience. The seating capacity was 500, but unseated people were cramped loitering against the walls on either side of the pavilion. The lights were dimmed prior to Ms. Trump being introduced. Immediately following the unchoreographed chaos, a religious politician delivered an intensely sober Christian prayer that received thunderous applause.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers an introduction of Ivanka Trump at a capacity crowd Trump * Pence campaign event in Lancaster, PA on November 1, 2020.

A special surprise guest, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was announced to introduce Ivanka Trump. Sanders received an eruption in applause as she spoke briefly to promote the Trump * Pence reelection efforts and lavish praise upon the First Daughter. Everybody enjoyed welcoming Sanders and provided her with solid appreciation.

Ivanka Trump is Incredibly Together

Ivanka Trump addressed the spectators and was thankful for their capacity support in Lancaster. The President, Vice President, First Lady, and other members of the Trump family have been saturating Pennsylvania with individual appearances all over the state to encourage voter turnout for early voting and on Election Day. Pennsylvania is perhaps the primary coveted battleground state.

Ms. Trump portrayed a vocal cheerleader at the podium to enumerate the accomplishments of her father and his embattled administration. She cited that her father had rebuilt our military, secured our national borders, fought the Isis caliphate, and introduced tax cuts. Trump proclaimed with conviction, “There’s one choice in this election and that choice is Donald J. Trump.”

During her campaign presentation, Ms. Trump invited two guests onto the stage to share their stories of stepping forward to advance necessary programs in conjunction with the white House. Steve Sokach from Schott North America is laboring to aid in the fight to defeat the Wuhan pandemic through his company’s research. David Lapp from Blessings of Hope orchestrated a project to reduce hunger to feed those families impacted by the Wuhan lockdown in getting perishable food onto their dinner tables expeditiously.

Ms. Trump is passionate about human trafficking and has exercised her invaluable influence to identify this criminal activity as a priority within the Trump Administration. She is proud of the commitment of funding her father has designated to combat this scourge against humanity, prosecute traffickers, and liberate the females and males from involuntary bondage.

Pennsylvanians Prefer Trump

Jenn Engel, 47 from Chester County, stated, “There is a lot going on in our country and we want to hear what Ivanka has to say because he’s followed through with his promises.” Engel added, “Trump stands for traditional values and as a business owner he has a better understanding. He’s going to keep America open.”

Julie Gibson, 51 from Chester County, would like to see Trump continue to work towards peace, continue to strengthen our economy, continue making American great, and his policies are contrary to socialism. “There’s more that can be done.” She said, “I love Justice Barrett’s integrity, her family values, and her commitment to the law.”

Honor and Tom Jones pose together at an Ivanka Trump camping stop on November 1, 2020.

Tom Jones, 52 from Bryn Mawr, is, “Here to show our support for the president and his family because we want to do what we can to get the vote out and carry the state of Pennsylvania. I appreciate the president and his children fighting hard to win our votes. I don’t see the children of Biden out campaigning on his behalf.” Jones emphatically believes, “Trump is the best qualified to revive the economy from this pandemic and guide us to a strong recovery.”

Unique Campaign Perspectives

Grace Perron, 18 from Manheim, is a first-time voter who admitted that she has the same moral views as Trump. She had attended a previous rally in Johnstown. “I support the police, I don’t support abortion, and I think businesses should reopen. I think the pandemic was blown out of proportion,” and mentioned both of her parents are small business owners. Perron is upset about the ballot extension and she does not support the mail-in voting.

Moshe Levi, 39 from Baltimore, MD, supports Trump as somebody who knows how to stand up to people and he knows who’s boss. He approves of Trump ending the Iranian deal and his continuing to fight for America. Levi is travelling with his twelve-year-old son Menachem and will drive to attend President Trump’s rally in Scranton tomorrow. Levi stated that he had already voted.

Timothy Nyembua, 30 from York, was impacted by complications in his paperwork that have prevented him in being able to vote Trump * Pence on Election Day. He is from the Republic of Congo and loves what Trump is doing and a president who loves his country and what he’s doing now for future generations. Nyembua liked what Trump had said during the 2016 campaign. He is a student of criminal justice and wants to become a lawyer.

Ms. Trump shared a quote from Winston Churchill, “Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘It was the nation that had the lion’s heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar!’ This quote reminds me so much of our President Donald Trump and this movement. He has truly given us the roar!” By contrast, she impugned her father’s election rival, “Joe Biden should not be demanding the support of American workers. Joe Biden should be begging for American workers support.”

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