A Trump Victory Prediction

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The availability of interactive apps peaked my interest. The “270towin.com” interactive map lets the user predict the number of electoral votes for this current Election 2020. I took advantage of the ease with which one could map out their personal prediction.

The following is my prediction for the electoral college vote for today’s Presidential election. I’m including Virginia and Michigan for President Trump. However, Trump could lose both and still be at 289, giving the president a one medium-state or two small-state cushion.

The minority vote will be the big surprise. When the Democrats realize they have lost their hold on the black community and other minorities, they will lose their minds. One can only hope they will conduct an internal autopsy to determine why they cannot win an election, even with rampant cheating at every turn. Unfortunately, that will never happen. They, of course, will blame President Trump and Conservatives! Anyone but themselves! But that will guarantee Conservatives a win in 2024.

View the map below at the following link and give it a try!


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Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts is a writer for NRN and contributor to NRN+ Magazine. He supports President Donald Trump and has extensively researched the attacks on his 2016 and 2020 election campaigns and presidency.