270 Or Not 270

The 2020 Electoral College Count remains in Question

In no fashion has Biden secured an electoral mandate. Essentially, the 2020 campaign outcome is a topsy turvy election reflecting many interesting voter patterns. American media have prematurely designated Biden as having won the presidency by granting him in excess of 270 Electoral Votes. At the end of the week four days after the national election, Biden has not officially been certified as the next president.

Has the touted Trump Train travelled off the rails? It certainly appears to be headed over the edge of no return, but political miracles are possible. President Donald J. Trump has vowed to fight to preserve his presidency. Ballots counted demonstrate that people who voted for Biden also voted to keep the Senate in the red column and actually added GOP seats in the House.

It may be only a matter of time until the Biden * Harris ticket is declared having won, but the USA has remained a divided nation for a solid score. Biden’s legislative endeavors are going to run head-on into the cruel political reality of 2021. There is no Wuhan waiver he can seek from red communist China to stifle Senate Republicans from erecting road blocks to his impending policy initiatives.

The 2021 U.S. Supreme Court: ACB is on the Court

The Republican controlled U.S. Senate was able to forestall #44 from appointing a third Justice to the Supreme Court in 2016. This act to protect the U.S. Constitution from harm and the U.S. Bill of Rights from erosion granted President Trump an early opportunity to nominate as his first Justice Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court in February 2017.

Trump’s second Justice was the embattled nomination process of Brett Kavanaugh to secure a seat on the Supreme Court in July 2018. Trump has become the first President since Richard M. Nixon in 1971 to appoint more than two Justices onto the United States Supreme Court in a single term. Trump has also had a tremendous impact in filling federal lower court judge positions.

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It was no surprise when RBG died in September 2020 providing a last-minute opportunity to President Trump to nominate a third Justice onto the Supreme Court: Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed just seven days prior to the election. The scuttlebutt is that #44 had a private lunch with RBG in 2013 asking her to resign. She said no preferring to remain on the court in increasingly failing health. Her stubbornness to resign was a costly partisan mistake.

President Donald J. Trump may have failed in his attempt to achieve reelection for a second term, but his legacy in placing three Justices onto the U.S. Supreme Court will exercise a far-reaching influence on future Supreme Court decisions for generations to come. Americans should all collectively thank RBG for allowing President Trump one final act to preserve Liberty.

The 2021 U.S. Senate: Do Not Pass Go

The Republican Party appears to be on track to retain control of the United States Senate. Biden is going to experience the same cold gavel as #44 did when he last served as Vice President for two terms. Biden is using words that convey unity and empowerment for a new direction and new agenda for America, but January 2021 will usher in a new ear of gridlock with a handicapped chief executive.

Presently, four U.S. Senate races in Alaska, North Carolina and two in Georgia have yet to be certified with a confirmed winner. The two Georgia Senate races are both moving ahead to run-off elections as candidates in Georgia must secure a margin that exceeds 50% of ballots cast in order to win. Both Senate elections are scheduled to occur on January 5, 2021.

Two senators from Maine and Vermont that are affiliated as Independent caucus with the democrats. The imminent balance of power in the U.S. Senate for 117th U.S. Congress in 2021 is projected to forecast Republicans with 51 seats and Democrats with 49 seats. This eventual outcome would implement speed bumps on any fast-tracking legislation the Biden * Harris administration may harbor once assuming office.

The 2021 U.S. House: Party Crashers

The Republican Party actually gained seats in the 117th Congress that commences on January 3, 2021. Not since 1992 has an incoming party lost House seats. As Vice President, Harris will have to squash the laundry list of House members who associate with the extreme left wing of the democrat party and dampen their forecast for radical activist legislation.

AOC’s Green New Deal may as well be gloriously stamped Dead-On-Arrival. Many of Biden’s down ticket party nominees were concerned for their own political survival in the 2020 election. This new administration most likely is not interested in pursuing activist legislation, but rather shoring up important dinner table issues that are a priority to struggling Americans still impacted by the ongoing Wuhan disruption.

The House will now surely pass a second stimulus package, but not until after Congress has deliberated on trimming back its original proposal. An omnibus Infrastructure Bill will most likely find its way to passage. And thankfully, the thrust to abolish the Electoral College should come to a quiet standstill as we slowly drift back to some form of aberrated normality.

January 20, 2021: No Inauguration, No Balls

Perhaps one of the funniest coincidences to arise out of this Electoral fiasco under the influence of the Wuhan virus is that the next U.S. President will be unable to host an outdoor Inaugural ceremony nor host any Inaugural Balls. Social distancing is still the imposed fear mongering recipe the U.S. media keeps serving to the American public. Oh, the irony of cowering in the scourge of the Wuhan virus!

A Biden presidency will ascend to a virtual nowheresville. He doesn’t have an electoral mandate, he doesn’t have a Senate majority, and he doesn’t have the balance of power on the Supreme Court. All Biden is actually stuck with is a female Vice President ready to declare him legally evicted courtesy of the U.S. 25th Amendment with tinkering provided by the Speaker of the House. Biden’s second banana wants to upgrade her position to that of top dog.

As of Saturday, November 7th, 538 Electoral Votes are currently being identified as either red for Trump or blue for Biden depending on the American news source attempting to project an uncertified winner. The left is exceedingly anxious to announce that the wicked warlock is dead. Vote counting, election certification and preparation for the Electoral College assembly each take their required time to proceed forward.

The biased American media networks appear to be ignoring all of the Trump campaign’s legal court challenges to voting irregularities in individual states, compelling battleground states to conduct recounts, pursuing alleged ballot discrepancies arising across the country, castigating mail-in ballots being collected after the election, and of course the greater concern that possibly many state Board of Elections never conducted their required purging of voter rolls.

Incumbent Republican President Donald Trump’s chances of winning a second term are looking scarce. Rather than remaining on the sidelines as a silent observer, the U.S. media are avidly eager to declare the Trump Presidency extinct and promote this as fact to the American public. The rabid left are ready to eviscerate and devour a Biden presidency. Trump may actually enjoy the last laugh as his opponent’s mental acuity is targeted by friendly fire.

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