Trump: A Man of Conviction, A Man of Confidence

No Lockdown in Lancaster

President Donald J. Trump has been hosting popular Keep American Great rallies at rural airports all over Pennsylvania as if he lived there. The President is keen on retaining PA in his win column. Trump is battling several fronts all at once in this campaign: the deranged left, the maligning media, the deceptive democrats, and an invisible scourge wreaking havoc, the Wuhan virus.

But you would not know it by listening to Trump. He is buoyant, he is boastful, he is boisterous, he is a man on a mission to secure a second term. From the looks of it, Trump does appear to be under heavy fire; sometimes even friendly fire from within his own party! It is not cool when your frenemies are taking pot shots at you when your back is turned.

President Trump sounds like a winner enjoying a victory lap. Lancaster Airport erupted when the President appeared behind the podium. Cell phones began flashing, flags began waving and signs were flapping in out stretched hands. Members of the Trump Team were enthusiastically welcoming their hero. The crowd was festive, the crowd was restless and the crowd was fired up to spend 90 minutes standing on a brisk damp tarmac in support of their leading protagonist.

Trump was interrupted as he began to speak by chants of USA USA USA and acknowledged, “That’s a lotta people. So now we’ve done it all; it’s not just talk.” The President introduced a video of his Oval Office rival Creepy Joe talking out all sides of his motormouth: he is for fracking, he is not for fracking, he will get back to us on court packing, and he is snacking on Chinese Misfortune Cookies!

It seems Creepy Joe misidentified Trump as George W. Bush during a tv interview. “He called me George!” Trump went off-script a couple of times and blurted, “Isn’t nice to have a President that doesn’t need a teleprompter?” to the roar of approval from the assembled. Trump boasted about ACB, “They vote on her tonight!” Trump scored Justice #3 easily.

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The promoted media profile of a damaged and failing Administration does not mesh with Trump’s projected description of his prescription for a second term: increase manufacturing within the USA, return the USA to a renewed Superpower status, and end our reliance on China. Trump encouraged Pennsylvanians to vote asking who had voted to raise their hand; “Not many have voted. How many are going to vote?” It looked as if every single arm shot right up in the air.

A Legion of Loyalists are Ready to Vote

Michael Leatherman, 62 from Colora, MD, is not confident there will be an accurate count. He feels they should just allow longer voting days. Leatherman served on active duty in the U.S. Army for five years, is a third generation military veteran, stands for the flag, and old school American values. He commented, “Trump really helped to straighten out the VA, increased funding to the military, and made us energy independent.” He likes Judge Barrett as a candidate, “No packing the court.”

John Rosales, 38 from Douglassville, served in the U.S. Army for ten years. He left Columbia in the 1980s over drugs, crime and corruption. Rosales pointed out Trump is, “Actually taking on issues head on like Immigration. When I had to go through the system legally to register as a legal resident, then enlist, I became a citizen. Those people live here 20 years and never naturalize. What you been doing all these years? Why didn’t you take care of your priorities?”

Brandy Pyne, 47 from Leesport, is for Trump, pro-life, and the Wall. She loves Barrett and feels, “Every democrat should vote for her based on abilities to do the job and not politics.” She is angry about the PA extension, “Absolutely not voting by mail; should end on Tuesday and be counted on Tuesday.” Pyne would like to see Trump invest in infrastructure, school choice and avoid wars by being a mediator of peace in his second term.

Bruce Fields, 66 from York, has seen the President twice before. His main issue this campaign is censorship by the news media as they throw out anything unverified that hurts our President, but then withhold verified facts like Biden’s laptop. They cover it up. This is the most important issue in this election.” He stated, “Barrett’s gonna be on there tonight after the vote. It’s terrible that not one single democrat will vote for her appointment.” He believes, “The second most important issue is the number of meandering ballots sent out to people who have moved out of state. There will be some challenges afterwards.”

First Time Voters for Trump

Emily Gasper, 18 from Cressona, is attending her sixth Trump Rally and has been a fan of Trump since 2016. “My dad is a small business owner and his sports store was impacted by the lockdown. I’d like to see PA reopen,” she said. Gasper feels the Wuhan hysteria has been overhyped. She thinks, “Barrett is very intelligent. I look to her as a role model.” Gasper does not agree with the three-day extension on mail-I ballots. I’m voting in person.”

Jake Schall, 18 from Lancaster, was wearing a ‘I’d Rather Get COVID-19 Than Biden-20’ sweatshirt. He has been supporting Trump since 2016 and plans to vote at the polls. Schall remarked, “Barrett is great, an outspoken woman. I think she’ll do great.” In response to the Wuhan virus, he commented, “I think it’s a hoax, a good way for the dems to cheat in this election.” Schall is optimistic, “Economy has been phenomenal, stock market back up, they made it crash and he’s making it go back up again.”

Trump Triumph verses Biden Bust

President Trump is a funny man. His loyal legions of fans love his vein of unique comedy and straight-talking style of banter.  The President interjects his audience with sanguine humor. On a serious note, Trump talked about Biden’s admission to raising taxes while our economy is still struggling to reach full recovery. Placing an added tax burden upon taxpayers is the wrong direction to go. Contact a medium to ask Mondale for his response on this same tact from his 1984 candidacy.

Is it a cliché to state that a vote for the Biden * Harris ticket is a vote for raising taxes, defunding the police, tearing down historic statues, defiling the police, supporting protesters and condoning riots, and promoting unAmericanism in public schools? Voting blue is sincerely the wrong thing to do this November 3rd. Americans do not want to live in a country with George Orwell or Joe McCarthy looking over their shoulders and being reported or fired for their beliefs.

Chumps for Trump

Michele Monti, 50 from Annapolis, MD, proclaimed, “I am here today to show my support for President Trump and the Republican Party, draining the swamp and getting rid of the corruption.” She’s excited by the prospect of ACB’s impending appointment. “I love his foreign policy, tax reform, out of NAFTA, into USMCA; he got us a new deal, healthcare reform and lowering insurance prices.”

Monti shared, “Trump’s rally was everything I expected and more. I finally checked off a bucket list item. He’s easy to see through the crowd with that hair.” She had kept missing opportunities to attend a Presidential rally. She concluded, “I might go ahead and vote in person.”

Her had labeled Trump supporters during the exasperating 2016 campaign as deplorable and irredeemable. How kind of Her to demonstrate her concern. Now Biden has called Republican supporters Chumps for Trump while stumping out on the 2020 campaign trail. There are reports in the media that early voters are reconsidering their votes over breaking stories regarding the Vice President’s distant dealings with China. Democrats seem to believe in do-overs and fairy tails.

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