The Abortion Agenda Continues in Argentina

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With the victory of Alberto Fernández in the polls in 2019, we knew that the Hermanos were in danger, and that impression became reality quickly when assuming the presidency of Argentina. Alberto is a puppet of Cristina Kirchner, a member of the group created by Fidel Castro and former President of Brazil Lula, the São Paulo Fórum. It is a left-wing organization founded in 1990 and the largest political organization that has ever existed in Latin America and, without a doubt, one of the largest in the world. All leftist rulers of the continent participate in it.

But it is a left-wing organization like any other. It brings together more than 100 legal parties and various criminal organizations linked to the drug trade and kidnapping industry – such as the FARC and the Chilean MIR – all committed to a common strategic articulation and the search for mutual benefits. Knowing this, the current situation in Argentina is nothing new, with almost direct demonstrations, mainly against the government impositions in the COVID-19 measures.

Following the globalist agenda, on Twitter, Alberto talked about his commitment to the abortion agenda. Alberto makes the second statement: “The criminalization of abortion has failed as a policy. Women die of clandestine abortions and others suffer serious consequences for their health. I reaffirm my  commitment to legalize abortion, guarantee access to health services.”


In the US, President Donald Trump last year implemented restrictions on Title X funding, causing Planned Parenthood, independent clinics, and some Democratic-prone states to withdraw from the program. They argued that the ban on referring patients for abortions amounted to doctors that compromised the patient’s health. The rules sparked lawsuits from groups of Democratic doctors and attorney generals.

Trump’s policy was briefly blocked before the 9th Circuit announced that it could go into effect across the country. Metacapitalist and banker George Soros has already gifted Planned Parenthood with 1.5 million dollars, and there’s no guarantee he doesn’t want to help Fernández, too.

The abortion agenda is also widely explored in Brazil where NGOs promote clinics and help women to have illegal abortions. In a recent case in Brazil, a 10 year old girl became pregnant by her uncle after he had been raping her for four year. After more than 5 months of pregnancy, the case reverberated nationally, but NGO, with the help of a hospital in Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil, performed the abortion. The child had excellent conditions to live in, but people think it is easier to kill the children; because that is the right word to refer to abortion. All globalist agendas like abortion, homosexuality, and pedophilia continue to advance worldwide.

And Argentina suffers once again with a leftist president, who is actually commanded by the most dangerous organization ever created in Latin America and perhaps in the world, the São Paulo Fórum. We hope that Argentina does not become a second Venezuela. A migration of people to the south of Brazil is already happening, the leftist agenda of the country is stifling, and more and more companies and people are migrating to other countries. No matter what year we are in, where the left and communism are installed, there is only suffering, death and pain.

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Augusto Oliveira
Augusto Oliveira
Augusto Oliveira is a writer and Brazil correspondent for NRN and a contributor to NRN+ Magazine. Residing in Brazil, he's a recent civil engineering graduate who enjoys reading, writing, and editing videos.