Q & A with Jovani Patterson: GOP Nominee for Baltimore City Council President

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Patterson for City Council President

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Who is Jovani Patterson and why should the voters of Baltimore City consider your candidacy?

Jovani is proud to be a native Baltimorean and currently lives in West Baltimore with his wife and two children. A natural problem solver, Jovani currently works as a cyber security engineer where he identifies and fixes complex problems on a regular basis. Jovani routinely volunteers his time to mentoring and encouraging young Black males to pursue careers in science and technology. He is guided by his Christian faith which provides him with the strength and wisdom to actively pursue change for Baltimoreans. As city council president, Jovani hopes to continue his lifelong commitment to service and his vocation of solving problems to help address Baltimore’s persistent challenges.

Why are you running for Baltimore City Council President?

To me, Baltimore is like a puzzle. When you first receive a puzzle, the outside shows how beautiful the masterpiece will be once assembled. I believe everyone has a vision of how great Baltimore can be, but those puzzle pieces need to be placed in the right places. The key, here is that the pieces are in the box, just as the talent, skills, and people needed are already within Baltimore. We need true leaders that are willing to be honest and put the pieces in the correct order, realizing Baltimore’s full potential. For too long, city hall has been taking from the people. That ends with me.

What is important for the city electorate to know about this vital position?

The city council president is vital in attracting business and creating opportunities for Baltimoreans. As chair of the board of estimates, city council president makes key decisions on contractors and developers doing business with the city. What we’ve historically seen are decisions to benefit certain areas or neighborhoods without consideration for the entire city. 

Patterson is the Clear Choice for Council President

Your direct challenger Nick Mosby has had a lien registered against himself and his wife on their domicile resulting from three years of unpaid taxes. How does this reflect upon his candidacy?

This should make it clear that we don’t want someone that is having mismanagement at home to be involved with a $3Bil budget. Also, reports indicate that his wife, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, was unaware. If he’s willing to hid financial troubles and dealings from his wife, what would he be willing to hide (or currently hiding) from the public he’s supposed to serve?

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Should the voters consider this lien an example of an individual lacking in the integrity necessary to officiate his position?

Tax challenges are common. However, the nature of this incident is quite alarming. This was kept secret from his spouse, placing their entire family at risk with a lien on their dwelling. If he’s willing to keep vital information from his spouse, what information could be withheld from the public that could put the entire city at risk?

How serious is it a conflict of interest that Nick Mosby’s wife serves as the current States Attorney for Baltimore City? His position creates city legislation and her position is sworn to enforce city legislation.

This is of major concern to the functioning of municipal government as his position creates city legislation and her position is sworn to enforce city legislation and represents an actual conflict of interest.

Should you win your contest, will you be able to work with a majority democrat city council?

The first key point to remember is that we are One Baltimore and work for the people of the city. Our goals should be bringing accountability, attracting opportunities, and creating the best future for our youth. We need differing ideas on how to make this happen to bring transparency and challenging of thought.

Patterson is the Agent of Change that Baltimore City Government Sincerely Needs

Baltimore City has seen a succession of mayors leave office since 2006, mainly due to criminal convictions. This undermines confidence in city government and the incumbent party. The democrat party is associated with ongoing corruption in Baltimore. How strongly do you feel that Baltimore is desperate for a two-party system to introduce change for the better?

Baltimore strongly needs “another” party to be involved that is politically opposite. If we continue with the same way of thinking and policy-making, we will continue to get the same results.

Baltimore City has had to endure a revolving door of Baltimore City police commissioners for a decade. The courts, the prisons, the police force, and City Hall all seem to be experiencing a protracted malaise. Voting for the same political party election cycle after election cycle and anticipating an alternative outcome is the definition of insanity. For those who continue to express hope for the future of Baltimore City, where exactly is this transition of change going to originate from?

It originates from individuals and groups that are willing to tell the truth and stand up for what’s right. We must have differing opinions within city call. This is what creates balance of power.

The Obama Administration gave $1.8 billion dollars to Baltimore City under the stimulus package passed by democrats in April 2009. Nobody appears to know where these funds were spent. Does it bother you that city municipal government is unable to account for its mismanagement of that stimulus grant?

This is absolutely troublesome. We constantly see our politicians beg for money in one way or another, yet, when granted, the public never sees. This creates serious distrust from the citizens, and reluctance from the federal government to help.

Baltimore City experienced riot damage following a Black Lives Matter protest downtown on May 30 around The Block. Another criminal mob destroyed the Columbus statue near Little Italy on the Fourth of July and dumped it into the harbor. If you are blessed with taking office, what can you do as a city official to put an end to these unpunished acts of vandalism?

We must maintain law in order in our streets. If there is legislation that needs to be changed, let’s address that. However, we can no longer let criminal activity go unchecked. We must realize again that we are One Baltimore. We have a duty to represent all citizens, not just individuals we agree with.

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