Q & A with John Salling: GOP Nominee for Maryland 2nd Cong District

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Salling for Congress in the Second District

Who is John Salling? Why should Second District voters send you to Congress?

JS: First, as a State Senator, United Steelworker, Veteran, Father, and Grandfather I have loved working with our communities in the District and helping our students, veterans, and businesses in Bills that have passed in the State of Maryland to become law.

I would like to be your Congressman and work with our Governor, County Executive and Legislatures to make a difference in our State. We can do great things and communicate with our communities in order to help in ways that will change lives. Our Seniors need help with assistance in many ways. We have not done enough hearing their concerns with Social Security, retirement, and Medical needs which are very important and critical to their wellbeing.

There are many things we can do, but I believe getting back and listening to you is most important. 

Can you please outline three of your major campaign planks?

JS: 1) Fighting crime is a major issue to me, because I know it is a major issue to you. I will fight to get more funds for our local police departments and help in every way possible to protect you the people.

2) Getting back good family jobs in this country is so important to you and our future. Our kids!

3) Working in Congress and telling our representatives to work for the people and not for the party. I believe in our Republic. I believe we stand up for our Flag and our Country. I will work hard for our Nation.

Always remember, God comes first then Country.

District Two is a large sprawling jurisdiction with diverse neighborhoods and communities that reach across Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County and Harford County. What concerns are being voiced to you from these residents during your canvassing of the district?

JS: I have met with the local businesses and you the people, my constituents. we need more help to make sure that businesses do not close for good. It’s been heart breaking to see first hand what is happening in our state and country. Our people also need assistance. I believe a second stimulus check would be a great help for people. Finding some relief now is important. 

Please clarify a distinct difference between yourself and your general election opponent.

JS: I will work in Washington D.C. and let you know what is going on with town halls and other communications. Plus, my phone is always open for you to call and I have always answered the calls.

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