Pennsylvania: The Keystone State in this Election?

By Bradley Birch

I was eight years old when I visited the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh and learned the importance of a keystone. We built an arch out of oversized stuffed blocks, our short figures and tiny hands struggling to hold the pieces in place. It wasn’t until the keystone was placed that the arch could stand on its own and we were able to marvel at our budding engineering skills. Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State in part due to its geographic location, but it is also a symbolic name. The keystone is the single piece which supports an entire structure and which, without it, the whole building crumbles.

As we near election night, it’s beginning to look like Pennsylvania could be the keystone in Trump’s campaign. It’s the single state that if Trump wins, his reelection will be as solid and secure as the stone arches of Rome that have stood for thousands of years. You know it, Trump knows it, everyone knows it.

That’s why we saw Trump stop for three Pennsylvania rallies in one day this week. The election is on our backs.

How can we bear such a massive responsibility? We are already being crushed by oppressive legislation as the lockdown extends into its seventh month.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?*

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We Can’t Let the US Become Pennsylvania

In a suburb of Pittsburgh, a restaurant closed down months before they would have celebrated their 20th anniversary. This restaurant was owned and operated by immigrants from Brazil. They came to this country to seek the American Dream. Instead, Tom Wolf put them on the street, leaving them struggling with debt and shattered spirits.

An Italian restaurant near the state’s capital refused Wolf’s regulations and was fined $10,000. Across the state, small businesses shut their doors permanently. Independent contractors are unable to source lumber and building materials. The fights have been taken to the commonwealth’s courtrooms, where expensive legal battles promise to drag on for weeks or months further. The move has been criticized by Trump as an effort by Gov. Wolf to suppress employment numbers in the state. Wolf, true to his namesake, preys on the vulnerable working class for his political theater.

Then, at the most recent debate, Joe Biden promised to deliver the final blow to Pennsylvania’s blue collar workers. By ending fracking, mining, and eliminating the oil industry, Biden has effectively told over fifty thousand Pennsylvania energy workers that their livelihoods are on the chopping block. In a state where you can’t even get a job serving beer or sweeping church floors, just what in the hell are this people going to do?

If you ask me, there’s only one thing they can do: Vote. Vote as if their jobs depended on it. Vote as if their families and children depended on it. Vote as if Joe Biden was chipping at that keystone with a hammer and chisel, because he and his far-left cronies are doing just that. The alternative is to be crushed as a thousand tons of stone rubble falls upon the heads of Pennsylvania’s middle class.

Vote for Donald J. Trump.

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Ada Nestor
Ada Nestor
Ada Nestor is a writer for NRN, citizen journalist, and mother of three who is always digging beneath the headlines to find the real story. Nestor left the Democrat Party in 2012 and hasn't looked back.