“Can I Change My Vote?”

Biden Meltdown

Some of the estimated 59 million votes cast by mail this election may be nullified. Even with the surge in mail-ins due to Chinavirus and DNC encouragement (despite numerous fraud attempts and ballot destruction found so far), some are wanting to select another candidate. Google Trends indicates that “can I change my vote?” has shown up a lot nine days before the election. This, presumably, has to do with the final debate and the dropping of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the world.


Since then, it has only gotten worse for Joe. He would be in a bad spot as it is, with declining health mentally at least, a catalog of gaffes from the last few decades, and of course flip-flopping on major issues over the years. He says whatever the extreme-left of the party wants him to. This despite quotes making racist comments and pushing a pro-law enforcement crime bill in the ’90s that led to massively more black incarceration. BLM must be convinced he will step down soon after election.

Then his crack-addicted son left a laptop to be fixed and forgot about it, so the store owner turned it in to the FBI. He did this after looking at what was on it as part of the data-recovery task in December 2019. The FBI sat on it and did nothing (indicative of the “never-Trump” culture now there still). The shop owner had kept a copy and gave it to Rudy Giuliani in September of this year.

Sex Videos and Corruption Evidence Have Surfaced

If the situation wasn’t bad enough for the Democratic nominee, evidence of his alleged corrupt dealings with China, Ukraine and Russia, among others, has been exposed. Supposedly, Hunter was acting as the go-between for most deals, so Joe could say with a straight face that he was never in on the interactions. He was so arrogant that he talked on video to Ukrainian officials about firing a prosecutor who was investigating his son and shady deals with Ukrainian energy concern Burisma. He threatened a $1B aid package and they caved to blackmail.

The allegedly corrupt dealings with China are beginning to be exposed now. The pain continues with Chinese dissidents running something called GTV. They have acquired video footage of Hunter in various alleged trysts with Chinese women and young girls, as well as allegedly on-screen use of drugs. The hits keep coming for the scandal-prone Biden.

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One of the videos appears to show one of Obama’s now-legal daughters (Malia) in a room with Hunter doing cocaine with her credit card in view. The story has been cast as mere conspiracy theory by the press; the evidence does look convincing, though. More Hunter footage gets dropped daily. GTV claims there are plenty more.

If any of the evidence presented is true, and I imagine there is some, can a candidate run for President when they are clearly compromised? Even if Joe is a relative saint , having at least one son like Hunter opens him up to blackmail. If the corruption is real and deals were made, it’s worse. Problem is, what do you do at this point? Replace Joe Biden and raise up Kamala? In theory, neither of her parents were US citizens in time for her birth, so if you negate birthright citizenship like Trump wanted to do by Executive Order, neither is she, meaning it is against the Constitution for her to be President!

Some Voters Want to Get Off the Biden Train

Whether they believe the corruption evidence, the videos, or the never-ending gaffes committed by the former Vice President, some voters have had enough. “Can I change my vote?” even trended on Twitter. It caught the President’s eye and had him encouraging people who can, to do so.
Given the assumed level of voter fraud in play, this might offset some of it. Go vote in person.

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