Ballot Harvesting: Trick Or Threat

Abracadabra! Alakazam!

Gather round children and let me tell you the tale of the Stupefying Mail-In Ballot Swindle perpetrated upon the American taxpayer in November 2020. An American presidential election was absconded right before the collective electorate’s eyes – in broad daylight no less! Yes, a contested and impassioned election suffered from failure to purge state voter rolls.

The media characterizes President Donald Trump as crying wolf for proclaiming voter fraud is underway in the 2020 presidential sweepstakes currently in progress with early voting. People do not want to believe that voter fraud happens in the USA. Maybe they wanna think it only occurs in unprincipled countries with corrupt governments?

The fugly truth is that with the advancement of technology, it is easier and sleazier to steal an election. How many reading this article remember in the Spring of 2017 when the Trump Administration wanted to press the states in our Union to certify that states had purged their voter rolls? There was a collective push-back from states coast to coast: No!

There are state laws passed as statutes requiring each state Board of Elections to conduct routine purging of their voter rolls: voters who have died, voters who have moved within the state, voters who have moved out of state, and voters who have not voted in more than five years all must be eliminated. The law demands that these voters be stricken from the voter rolls. Now with motor voter laws, there is no oversight to confirm states are actually complying with state laws.

To Purge Or Not To Purge: This is the Quandary

This anticipated routine voter expungement state by state now comes under scrutiny. If states have not purged their voter rolls, then this failure to clean house state by state presents an enormous and egregious problem with the integrity of mailed out Mail-In ballots. Who is in control of mailing these ballots out? Which households are targeted to receive these ballots?

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Mail-In ballots are being mailed out to abandoned addresses. A friend who is a realtor found six ballots with six different last names at one location and another seven ballots with seven dissimilar last names at another location. She was afraid to report this to the authorities or the post office. Now multiple this election infraction by an exponential nationwide operation that induces apprehension on the part of invested voters.

This national ballot mailing boondoggle has the potential to undermine our Constitutional Representative Republic. Red states and conservatives are concerned with the outpouring of unaccountable Mail-In ballots. Blue states and the extreme left appear to eschew fear regarding the massive outflow of Mail-In ballots with no regulatory capacity.

This is a political recipe for electoral disaster. Serious exterior intervention or orchestrated manipulation or largescale ballot challenges could imperil the election and the nation. Having to rely upon the U.S. Supreme Court to decide or the U.S. Congress to decide this election is going to generate rancor and mistrust on both sides of the political aisle. When no one believes the politicians or the media, who can we the people trust to tally a valid vote count?

Red States, Blue States, Swing States & Battleground States

First and foremost, only the Electoral College counts to become the next President sworn in on Inauguration Day in January 2021. As we head into the closing days of the 2020 presidential election, we have red states, blue states, swing states and battleground states any of which could be challenged in court during a protracted count. If state voter rolls have not been purged as required by law, then how can we as an electorate or as a populace feel comfortable with the outcome of this election?

Pennsylvania is perhaps the prized battleground state in the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump and Pence are both flying in and out and all over the Keystone State. Biden resides in Delaware, but was born in Pennsylvania. The bogus Biden billboard campaign launched in PA is a costly maneuver. This could be the most-watched state on election night November 3rd.

Pennsylvania’s controversial receipt extension of mail-in ballots beyond Election Day is causing considerable concern. In a four to four split vote, the SCOTUS effectively upheld a Pennsylvanian ballot initiative to allow and count mail-in ballots that arrive up to three days after Election Day. This is unprecedented and has immense potential to stimulate chicanery and voter fraud.

So how many of these important battleground states that are vital to securing the Electoral College have conducted a purge of their state voter rolls? The Chad of 2000 in Florida will have nothing on any modern ballot count conundrums that arise. Thrusting a new Justice into the mix will certainly add copious amounts of fuel to the partisan political fervor that will rage.

And Mail-In ballots are not absentee ballots. Absentee ballots are not normally counted unless an election is too close to call. All military ballots are absentee ballots. Understand this: the men and women who place their lives in danger to protect American citizens of this nation must agree to submitting a second-class ballot before their military election ballots are counted with the rest of those duly cast.

Knock Knock: Have You Any Wool?

Knocking door to door and inquiring if dwellers have mailed out their mail-in ballots is extraordinary in these unprecedented times. Who would hand over their mail-in ballot to a stranger? In this incendiary political climate that is being foist upon our nation, why would anybody hand over their election ballot to a stranger?

Who knew this was a common practice in the past? But prior to the incessant political gridlock and ugly race card playing and detestable incrimination and repugnant acrimony we as citizens must endure today, the average American was far more trustworthy a generation ago than they are today. What drives the left to generate societal distractions of this magnitude?

This Halloween is the last Saturday of October and weekend before the general election, also known as dreaded mischief night and coincidently, a full moon! Antifa has been too quiet recently. Do not be surprised if Antifa strikes out to ignite trouble within urban municipalities and incite protests and riots, disruption and chaos, looting and fires, with a goal of scaring people from going to election polls and voting in person on Election Day.

The Wuhan hysteria provided an alternative excuse to dissuade people from voting in person. If the USPS system is experiencing delivery problems, then who is imprudent enough to drop their ballot in the mail? As it is, primary election ballot irregularities across the nation have not received appropriate media attention or scrutiny. Voting in person on Election Day and braving the long lines is the only way to ensure your vote is safely counted.

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